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Monday, July 27, 2015

AJ Ideas Part 4

Here are some more of my terrible AJ ideas. I can almost guarantee none of these will ever happen but I can still dream right? No? : (

Old Crystal Sands Party
I think it's safe to assume by now that the old Crystal Sands is never coming back. I thought the remodel in 2011 was just for the summer... but it's been like 4 years so I guess I was wrong lol

While Crystal Sands will never revert itself back to its original look, I think they could still bring it back in the form of a party. You know, like how they brought back the beta dens in the form of the Beta Party. It would give newer players a change to see how the room used to look and would bring back memories to the older players. I don't see any downside to adding this, so why not?

Cactus Hats

Remember how I never stopped talking about Shark Hats and then they finally got released? Maybe if I never shut up about Cactus Hats they'll add those too... in 4 years

Buddy Notifications
Idea from a glitch I had where it notified me when by buddy logged off
What if they added a feature where it tells you when specific friends logged in/out? You would've have to open your buddy list when it flashes anymore (because one click is so much work lol)

Vanish Mode
What I mean by "vanish mode" is an option to be completely invisible, even to your own buddies. You could log in without anyone knowing, just like a ninja or something. This feature would probably do more harm than good (because spying and stuff) but I can think of some thing this would be really useful for. Maybe to "balance" it, with vanish mode you're only allowed ot go to your own den. That way you can't really spy on people. Yes I know it's a terrible idea but I still want it

Flooring Preview Mode
Before you buy a new den you can preview it by click the giant button that says "Preview"
I think when you're in one of those preview rooms, an inventory screen should come up with all the floorings and wallpapers that you can put in the preview den. That way you can see how they all look in that den without having to buy the den! At the very least it should let you put the walls/floorings that you own in the preview den Plus it would save me a lot of work on the page that I probably won't be able to finish!

Beta Server
This idea will go in the "this will never happen in a million years" pile
The Beta Server would be a server you can log into that changes all the looks of rooms/lands to how they were in beta as well as make all the shops sell what they did in beta. They'd have to make it so you can't bring items from the beta server to a normal server and vice versa (or bring new animals to the beta servers)
Yes I know beta was a testing phase and it has no reason to come back but it would make people stop saying "OMG GUYZ TEH BETTA DAYZ R COMIN BAK!!!!"

Ultra Rare Items In Leap Year Party

The Leap Year Party was, as the name suggests, a party to celebrate the leap year (more info > here <)
It was in 2012 and I think I remember AJ saying it would return every 4 years. The next one should be in 2016. The original Leap Year Party sold rare versions of items even before Rare Mondays existed. Because of eagle quest, the Leap Year items aren't special anymore (unless they aren't in eagle quest I really don't know)
I think the next Leap Year party should sell AJ's ultra rare items such as the "beta" eye, "beta" elf helmet, "beta" creature mask, and milky tiaras. It would hopefully make hacking less common and give players a chance to have an item that they will otherwise never be able to get because of how rare they are. Of course the like 5 people who have "special" items would complain but I still think they should do this! Oh, and they should also put cactus hats in the party too

Den Lands

I think I mentioned this idea in another post but I can't find it. I think they should make den versions of AJ lands like how they made the Bounce Party room into a den! It would be really cool to decorate Jamaa Township without having to use fancy precise glitches that I still can't get to work

If I could only have one of these features I'd pick the Leap Year Party one. I want cactus hats too so I put that at the end of what I wrote for that idea lol

The end

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jamaalidays in July

Texas Lilian informed me that Earth Crystals, or as I called them, Dirt Shards, are no longer visible if you mouse over the gem icon

> Click here < for a screenshot of when Dirt Shards did appear in the gems menu thing
Since Battle For The Beacon is a limited time adventure it makes sense why they'd remove them from the menu. I wonder if once the Summer Carnival's over they'll remove tickets from the menu too. They didn't in previous years but maybe they will this time?

Also, AJ updated the icon for pet games. It looks like the new purpleblue icons but these ones are green

I'm not gonna lie I forgot pet games even existed. They should really make more of them so more people remember them. Anyway, it is now the 26th in AJ which means the Jamaaliday Jam parties are back!

I was really hoping they would change something but unfortunately it's exactly the same as last year...

There are two shops - a furniture shop and a music shop

The furniture shop is at the bottom right corner of the room

This is what it sells

The music shop is in the main room of the gingerbread house

You can buy some Jamaaliday music for your den here

By "some" I meant just one music track

You can also but Pet Reindeers at the top left corner of the room

I don't think that sleigh was there last year, so maybe they did change something... maybe?
Like I said, I wish there were new items here since this update was really lacking but oh well

Saturday, July 25, 2015

What shops were selling in 2011

My SD card never fails to amaze me - every time I look at it there are always more fancy images from 2011 AJ. I found pictures of what some shops had for sale

I'll start with the pictures of what Jam Mart Clothing used to sell. They were all taken on May 31st 2011
There weren't a lot of clothing items back then so most of the items for sale were from beta. Cat Hats, Leis, and Fox Hats has just returned to stores after being rare since around beta times. A few weeks before these were taken, Headdresses, Royal Capes, and Tiki Masks has just left the stores. These pictures also show how member items had a blue background and nonmember items had a beige background. Honestly I liked that a lot better than the current "everything must be aquaturquoise" rule. It was a lot easier to tell what items were nonmember items

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Another thing AJHQ used to do that I think was really cool was every once in a while change the default colours of items. As you can see from these pictures, many items had different default colours. For example, Necklaces defaulted to black and Leis defaulted to white. It gave nonmembers different options since they couldn't change item colours anymore. They also changed member item defaults just because. Hopefully they'll start doing that again but I doubt it : (

Next up I have pictures of what the Appondale Museum Den Shop used to sell
It's not as interesting as Jam Mart Clothing but here are the pictures

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

As I said in another post, this shop also sold topiaries and Jamaaliday trees at some point

And finally, pictures from the Mystery Emporium, when it still sold game machines. Back then we had a shaman statue for every animal. All eight playable animals. We have like 32 animals now... yeah

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

These pictures made me think about another idea for a new page on this blog. It probably won't ever happen but I'd like to make a page where I post pictures of complete shops like this. Every time an item gets added to a shop or an item starts its leaving countdown, I'll update the page. That would be a lot of work and I doubt anyone would look at it but the idea's out there. Eventually I'd have a lot of old shop pictures saved up and I think it'd be fun to look back at them a couple years from now to see how things have changed (kind of like this post)
I don't even know what I'm saying lol

Friday, July 24, 2015

Overflow Update + Stuff

Since the update was yesterday and there wasn't really anything in it to talk about, there probably won't be any big AJ news for the next two weeks. So... yeah
Before I get to the post I just want to ask a quick question - would anyone be interested in a wallpaper/flooring database? I want to make a page that shows what all flooring and wallpapers look like in every den. Is it worth it? Probably not but I just want to know if anyone would actually use it before I go through all that torture making it lol


For seemingly no reason at all, the Overflow machines at the Sol Arcade are now nonmember items!

I can understand why they made Sky High machines for all players (because they just added the prize feature to it) by why Overflow? As far as I can tell the game's exactly the same. Don't take my word for it, but there's a possibility that old Overflow machines might still have the member lock on them. I don't have an old machine so I can't confirm that, but keep an eye out for them! If members only version of it still exist they might be worth something

If you didn't like yesterday's update, here's another reason not to like it! They fixed the [class Object] glitch

If you don't know what that is, see > this post < or just look at the words I wrote below this line (which is probably easier)
Basically it was a glitch I found in 2012 where if you said "constructor" in the chat it would turn into "[class Object]"
After that post it then spread like everywhere again so AJ fixed it. I know it doesn't really matter too much, but it was the only way to still type [ ] in the chat. AJ seems to only fix the fun harmless glitches and always leaves the annoying and probably game breaking ones in : (
I can't say I blame them for removing glitches though, if I made a game I certainly wouldn't want it to be glitchy, but still...

Okay enough complaining! I noticed some new changes with the member ads. I'll save the best for last

They put a note on the bottom of this page saying you need diamonds to get certain animals. For some reason it really makes me think about how terrible the diamond shop really is lol... oh wait I said I was done complaining

They added the same note to this page

I'm not sure if the dolphin was just blinking when I took the picture but it has no eyes
But can someone remind me why they have two pages with exactly the same text? I guess one is to advertise ocean animals, but sea turtles aren't members only anymore so why are they on a member ad? Why is it talking about the diamond shop if it's supposed to be advertising ocean animals? Don't tell me their making an ocean diamond shop ¬_¬

And here is the last change - a new unfinished page!

Just like how that ad for Jammer Wall was accidentally shown too really, we have this! At first I thought the background was of a treehouse den because of the ladder but looking at it again I think it's that crystal diamond shop den because of the obvious crystals on the side. I'm just going to assume that den has a ladder

So what does this page mean? I think it's just going to say something like "Host EPIC parties in your member DENS!!!!!!"
Hopefully it's something much cooler than that but based on the quality of the recent update I kinda doubt it

Thursday, July 23, 2015

AJ Update July 23 2015 - The Bounce House Update

Looks like the update is once again late. Well, I wouldn't say late, I think they just have a new update time which happens to be very inconvenient for me lol
But it seems like these "late" updates are always the most lacking ones
Just a (fake) warning, I really let my so called "sassy sense of humor" flow in this post...

Page 1

They made the Bounce House Party into a den! No really, they just took the party room, removed the shop, and put a price on it. The shadow for the shop is still there in the bottom corner!

Maybe that's why it's "ONLY" 5 diamonds. As far as I can tell, removing the shop was the only change they made...

They updated the den section of the Diamond Shop so the "new" den is on display

Here it is in the store

And this is the preview. It doesn't look like there's any difference from the party room to me at all

Even though it is literally just a party room converted into a den, I like it! It's not super giant like the recent dens we've been getting, it's slightly cheaper than the giant dens, and now I can find glitches with the autobounce function a little better. Unfortunately, this is the only thing the update adds... The rest of the newspaper pages are just fillers pretty much. There aren't even any new items other than the usual daily item. It's the pony update that I never shut up about and the beach house update all over again!

Page 2

The Jamaaliday Jam might be coming back on the 24th to the 26th! I'm not counting this as part of the update because it's only for 3 days and it's not even out yet! I really hope they have some new items at that party

Page 3

They dedicated a whole page just to say Battle For The Beacon is leaving! There's not even a dirt shard discount or anything... I still never got all the prizes but I don't think it's worth doing the same thing over and over again for 2 just to get 12 dirt shards which can't even buy you anything... all while Greely, who is apparently really powerful and all that, just sits there watching you waste your time lol

Page 4

Ok, those new balloons look really cool! It's too bad they aren't even out yet
The way they worded it looks like it means new items are already there, but nothing new is there. Also hyenas are gone for no reason

Page 5

Wow, I certainly didn't expect to see an ad here ¬_¬

There are two other small things that got changed. The old game icons got replaced with new ones that now match the pet icons better

I also made a gif of it for the -12 people that care

The other thing that got changed is the look of start window of minigames

Now there's a huge Play! button

Even though I'm typically really annoying about changes AJHQ makes to things that have been a certain way for years, I can't say I really mind these new looks. After all the old game icons are still visible on den game machines! The only complain I have is the Sol Arcade looks a little weird now
...but maybe that's just me

I give this update a... 1 / 10   0.12 / 10

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nostalgic 2011 AJ Pictures

Instead of giving you 4 images and calling it a complete post, I'm giving you 27 images and calling it a complete post. These are all from 2011. Most of the first 16 or so images were taken by DoomDesire, and old friend of mine. We don't talk that much anymore sadly : ( If you're reading this Doomy, I miss you dearly

Well, here you go, some pictures from AJ's golden year (do people still say that? lol)

1. A picture my old friend DoomDesire took of a glitch in her den. All the people from the town loaded in her den for some reason

2. Doomy's awesome seal (left) and my not-so-awesome knockoff version of it (right)

I just notice the nametags are hollow in that picture

3. Doomy imitating my original signature look ♥︎

4. Doomy's hiding spot in a classic game of hide n' seek. I miss when there weren't so many rooms so hide and seek was actually fun and not impossible : (

What I find slightly interesting is that on that post, she commented saying that it usually says she's at the juice hut when she goes to her den, even when she wasn't there before. The picture says she's at the juice hut... yeah
I think the reason she took this picture was because I said I saw two of her so she took this picture to show me her point of view

6. A weird bunny clan Doom was a part of. I don't remember if I was there or who any of these people are (other than Little Rainycloud, which is Doom)

7. Another bunny clan picture

8. I think there used to be a glitch with bunnies that makes your pattern and clothing vanish when you sleep which. Bunnies sleeping on a pink princess couch thing is adorable regardless

The next 5 pictures come with a short story. One day Doomy followed me to my den. The only problem was, she was completely invisible on my screen! I couldn't see any messages she sent either. She sent me these pictures from her point of view to show me that she wasn't invisible on her screen
You also get to see how my old treehouse den looked (which is very nostalgic for me lol)

9. Us by the entrance to my treehouse den

10. Us standing on a weird pillow thing I made

11. Our friend Tommy showed up. I don't remember if Doomy was invisible for him too

12. Then our friend pianogirl8 came to my den. Again, I don't know if Doomy was invisible for her too but I think she was

13. "I'm an antisocial ghost, noooo"

14. The classic misplaced den glitch happened with Doomy's den. The items and wallpaper from a different den showed up in this one. Also look guys it's the old timer clock thing wow yay

15. I don't remember why I took this picture. The file name for it was something like "fffffaaaaaaiiiilllll.gif" because I was still in that "randomness = funny" phase where I thought sayinf "epic fail" over and over was hilarious. Yeah, bad times

16. A picture of my(?) party which I think was taken by another one of my old friends, GreenFun

And that's all the pictures Doomy was in : ( (aj isnt the same without you please come back des)

17. Another one of my old dens. I think that "clone" of mine is ollie42

18. A different view of the den from #17

19. A picture of a glitch that used to happen with plant/animal fact icons. Sometimes going to your den would make them appear in your den

20. Me flying in a volcano den with the kitty hat Doomy got for me

21. A party in the town for Earth Day

22. This one comes with a short story too. My internet used to stop working at random times (and it was always at the worst time possible ¬_¬)
Because my internet died, everything in AJ stopped loading. Nothing I said in the chat showed up and I couldn't see what anyone else said. I called this the "Frozen In Time Glitch"
Of course this was before I knew it was my internet that caused this. I clearly didn't know too much about glitches or what a glitch was at the time. I even emailed AJHQ about this "glitch" lol

23. One day I went to the new land, Appondale. It's not new anymore but it was new at the time. This is what I saw...

Ever since then I've been afraid of Appondale no not really

24. This picture was taken when people were just starting to figure out the walk on wall glitches. When I took the picture I thought it was a similar glitch to the first image in this post

25. A picture of a common glitch in 2011. Sometimes the emotes or game icons would be appear outside of the bubble cloud

26. This was from when ocean were first introduced! I don't think Crystal Reef looks much different now than it did when it came out but I wouldn't know because the last time I was at Crystal Reed was... I don't know, 2012 or something

27. The door to the ocean pet shop used to be blocked off because it wasn't finished yet. As I've said in other posts, I really miss when AJHQ used to have visible construction in rooms : (

Hopefully these bring back some good memories for the remaining 2010/2011 players out there (if any still exist)
Remember, tomorrow is update day! I'm guessing we'll get more Jammer Wall features and a new pet (either elephants or armadillos)
I have a feeling we'll get a teaser for some upcoming thing in the next Jamaa Journal but I'm probably way off