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Monday, January 26, 2015

AJ History - Jam a Grams

Jam a Grams have been in the game since the dawn of AJ, or at least beta. They used to be just cards to send to your buddies with messages like "Thanks for being my friend!" and sometimes a gift, but now they are usually used to ask people for trading (or for annoying other people about trading lol) and to send buddy requests to someone with a full buddy list like me
Jam a Grams did go through a bunch of changes since the beginning, so that that gives me something to talk about and I don't have to make stuff up yay

In December 2010, the layout for Jam a Grams was like this
(picture taken from a video by Fuzzy Shyivy)

If you can't tell from the picture, the Jam a Gram window didn't always cover the entire AJ screen. It worked sort of like the map does - you can still see behind the window on the sides

I don't know exactly if it was like this in beta and when they changed it unfortunately. Looking back at my memories of when I joined AJ, I remember the Jam a Gram window looking like it does now (That was in February 2011)

You were only allowed to use preset messages like "I really like your den!" and "Party in Club Geoz!"
Some of those messages got changed overtime too. In beta, most of the messages ended with a . instead of a ! but I don't think anyone cared or noticed that change

There were also limited time messages like "Happy Day of the Phantoms!"
While there are limited time messages now, members can just type them out anyway
Another thing to mention is that there used to be no "You got a buddy request" Jam a Grams. There was no way to send buddy requests to someone unless that person was online (there was no button to search for other people either)
Sometime in 2011(?) they added the ability to send buddy requests to offline players through Jam a Grams but I sadly don't have a picture of the Jam a Gram that was used for that
When I used to update my archive blog, I made a small list of all the available Jam a Grams
You can find that >>HERE<<
(That list was never completed though)

On March 23rd 2012, I (accidentally) got a preview of a new feature that everyone wanted, Jam a Gram typing! I found this by doing the empty room glitch that unfortunately doesn't work anymore

This was an amazing discovery back then because all of us were living in a world with no way to message players unless they were in the room with you

After I found that, the next AJ update included this feature for members on March 29th 2012

We were never able to send custom messages like gtsuyrdguvsi and we could only use words that were "verified" by AJHQ just like it is now, probably so no one would send mean Jam a Grams to people. The messages we could send back then though were not nearly as strict as they are now, just like how they made that chat super strict (free chat is NOT free)

There was also no Jam a Gram limit at all, so you could send unlimited Jam a Grams to someone if you wanted to spam their inbox. The limit was added sometime in March 2012 as well

Like I mentioned in the previous post, nonmembers could freely send and receive gifts through Jam a Grams. Eventually they removed their ability to accept gifts but they could still send them. Now, nonmembers can't send or accept gifts. It doesn't even let you send anything to nonmembers now! r00d AJHQ

You can find more old Jam a Grams at this link:
>>CLICK<< (includes a weird glitchy Jam a Gram

I like making these posts about AJ's past okay

Sunday, January 25, 2015

AJ History - Trading

What a lot of newer players don't know is that the trading system didn't always exist. Instead, players would trade through Jam a Grams

And that worked out... Actually no it didn't. This method of trading (which was the only method of trading) was the origin of scams in AJ

Here's how it would go 99% of the time when trading:

Player1: hey [player2] want 2 trade my glove 4 ur fox hat?
Player2: Sure, random person that I don't know!
Player1: ok send me fox hat and 1st and i will sned back my gluv
Player2: *sends the fox hat to player1*
Player1: *logs off/leaves the room without giving player2 the glove*

Sometimes the scammer would send the victim a 45 gem necklace instead (those are what I call the "nice" scammers)

Of course there was always that 1% of people that actually had a sense of decency and would keep their word and send you the right gift after you sent yours

Back then, not a lot of people actually cared about having rare items, but most of the people that did were the scammers (NOT ALL)

Not all scams involved getting rare items from people though. Sometimes people would just try to get one of your store bought items because they were too lazy to buy them their selves/get gems

Before the trading system came out, I got scammed at least once. The only one I remember went like this:

Before I got scammed, my friend sent me a red Royal Cape that at the time was being sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut. Sometime after that, I was in the new land (Mt. Shiveer) and a random seal(might have been a wolf or something I don't remember) saw I had was rocking that fancy red cape and wanted to trade with me. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I ended up falling for it and sending him my royal cape and he ran off to where scammers used to hang out (right now it's Aldan LOL)

Of course it wasn't a big deal because I could just buy another one, but gems were hard to get back then. We didn't have all of these fancy games like Best Dressed or Falling Phantoms. We only have games that gave you less than 20 gems per round like Twister and Overflow. My game of choice was Gem Brea- getting sidetracked sorry

But like I said earlier, not ALL of the traders were bad people. At least a few times I saw some honest trades at the township where both people would send their promised items. Those all COULD have just been little skits to get other people to believe they were real honest traders though... There was one time where someone said something along the lines of "send me something and I will give you something else in return"
I sent them an item (pretty sure it was something from Valentine's day) and they actually sent me something back (a different Valentine's day item probably) and I thanked them for not be a r00d scammer jerk

Another thing to mention is that nonmembers could send and accept gifts, so anyone could just make a new account (new accounts didn't appear as New Jammer either, it just showed their actual username) so anyone could just make a new nonmember account, scam someone, send their real account the scammed items, and their real account would never get banned

It seemed like AJ was either clueless that people were scamming, or they just didn't care. But one day, me and my friend were playing AJ together like we did every day. We were playing Spider Zapper, the game I was terrified of when I first played it. After we had enough of rapid clicking the poor spiders to make some quick money, we clicked the X in the corner to stop playing. I was brought back to Club Geoz, but she was stuck in an empty black room! This is what she saw:
(Click to make bigger)

She had a (glitchy) preview of the upcoming trade system! In that picture you can actaully see the old icon for trading which is pretty cool. As far as we knew, we were the only people in the game that knew about the trade system that was coming out! We tried to tell everyone about it but no one believed us (because who would believe two random girls in a town filled with liars and scammers?)
Later on an AJ Guide confirmed that there was a trading system coming soon (he ight have said that before this picture was taken, I don't remember)

If I learned anything from that day, it had to have been that empty rooms in AJ are a glimpse into the future! I know that sounds crazy, but think about it. When she glitched into the empty room, she got a preview of the trading system. It actually happened to me too not long after. There's another time where I got into an empty room and got a preview of Jam a Gram typing! You can find that in an older post of mine but chances are I'll repost it some time

The trade system came out sometime between March 2011 to early April 2011

I have some untold stories of when the trading system officially came out

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Greely's Hideout Secret Beta Thing

 I noticed in the preview of the new den, in the very top left corner is this little view of Jamaa Township

It also comes with that amazing sunset! What's interesting about this is the thing that's under the sun where the Jammer Central thing should be

Back in really early beta, where the Jammer Central board is now used to look like this

After a little while they changed it to this:
(picture form SagwaSunshine's video)

It stayed like that since sometime in 2011

But my point is, that overview of Jamaa Township in the new den is a mix between beta and the present! The beta gong thing is there, but so is the Diamond Shop and Sol Arcade which were NOT in beta. It also looks like that view of the town is surrounded by mountains, whereas the real town does not. That must mean the overlook of the town is from another dimension! That, or I am just looking too deeply into this


Here's something I missed from the new update

Since Peck is now the star of the starter tutorial, she is also the star of the den item tutorial! Looks like bunnies are taking over AJ AGAIN...


I know I said I hate shoving so many things into one post but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do that sometimes

The new items today are these:

In Bahari Bargains...

In Jam Mart Clothing...

 In Jam Mart Furniture...

Friday, January 23, 2015

New create account tutorial

 SeptemberCattleDog told me about a new feature that was added in this update - a new tutorial for new players! They got rid of the Liza on a boat thing and now Peck is the star of the tutorial

Peck makes you walk across a bridge and you get to meet all of these cool bot people that don't actually exist

 I think they are randomized but I'm not sure (some of them look like they have outfits people would actually wear)

Not only does Peck force you to walk across the bridge, she also forces you to show your emotions

When you leave the tutorial you will spawn down by Club Geoz in the town

As much as I miss the original plain one with Liza (not the boat one, the one before that), I think this one is the best starter tutorial by far

In other news (if you can even call this news), look at the latest Daily Explorer post when you get the chance, or just scroll down like 2cm and look at the picture I took of the post

 It says "Gem ball is back"
Gem Ball never left though, so why are they saying it's back? In their previous post they said "AJHQ spotlight is back" which also never left
Is that their new trend now? Just say "____ is back"?
Their trend now is to put !!! or ??? at the end of everything
(Thanks Jammer Akachip for telling me, I wouldn't have found out myself because the DE is a joke now)
Look at the comments on my previous post if you want to see another reason why it's a joke
The Daily Explorer didn't even have DAILY posts when it first came out!!!
This POST is too LONG so I'll put the other THING I wanted to say IN the comments!!! (and no that's not just a ploy to get more comments/views calm down)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

AJ Update January 22 - The "wait 2 more weeks" update

 Yeah, you see the title... Classic AJHQ

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

Page 1

There's another new den that should have been a new land instead of a den! Seriously, they put more work into dens than they put into lands... The den is pretty cool and is in the same style as the volcano in Greely's Inferno
So we got a new fancy and detailed den. What's the catch? You have to spend all of those diamonds you had that you were saving up so you can buy an owl, of course!
(unless you are rich)

Here's the preview of it

I like it, but the problem I have with big dens is that it's hard to decorate them. A cool think about this den though, you can get the lava effect on your animals! That was previously only available at the Wolves Only Party

Page 2

 Speaking of parties, the Friendship Party is back! ...or at least is coming back soon
Just like with the 2015 party, it's not actually out yet. I'd give it two weeks
There's also a new armor set (as always, it's in the diamond shop)
Too bad all of it is members only... I quite like the wings but there's no way I'm spending 3 diamonds on that

Page 3

"Thanks to the HARD WORK of Jammers all over Jamaa, AJHQ was able to ADOPT a REAL PANDA at a local zoo!"

Uhh... You guys know you could have just adopted that panda without needing to make us buy digital pandas? It's not like they are broke or anything (and I really don't think many people bought diamonds just to but a panda)
You can click the panda banners around Jamaa to watch a video (the one in the newspaper works too, but don't try clicking it on this blog because I'm not that advanced)

Page 4

This page has 2 more videos! There's the obligatory announcement of the animals we already knew were coming! Yay! Just two more weeks
And of course another video about drawing, I actually enjoyed the one where the guy drew the wolf so hopefully this one is enjoyable too
(I haven't watched it yet)

Page 5

Another "wait two weeks before this stuff actually comes out" thing
I can understand this one though. They wanted to wait the whole 2 weeks so everyone could get their vote in, but still... two more weeks

Mhm, that's THREE things that are coming in two weeks
At least that means the next update will be a big update...

There are three new Jam a Grams/new preset messages that you can sned to people

I don't actually know who purseypoppet2 is, but they did try to trick me into thinking my elf helmet was just a normal colour lol (technically it is but it got deleted)
I miss when preset Jam a Gram messages weren't IN ALL CAPS but you know how much AJHQ loves CAPS

There are 5 new items, and one fo them was not meant to be released and will probably be deleted by the time you read this (they do this every two weeks because of a glitch in their system that they refuse to fix but I can't complain about that)

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Two really old AJ items are back! That Princess Chair was one of my first den items if anyone cares (no one does)

Also in Jam Mart Furniture is...

A fancy diancie new Rose Table! I'm a big fan of glass tables for some reason, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to spend 650 gems on them

In Jam Mart Clothing...

I have a feeling these might become the new Flower Crowns
They probably won't be though. but if they are, I called it

And the last item that will get removed soon is... Next week's Rare Monday item!?

 As of this post it's in Jam Mart Clothing

Maybe AJHQ will surprise us and have this not come out ever again because it was a glitch or something so maybe buy one or two? If they do come back out on Monday at least you won't have to buy one then

I'll give this update a...

0 points (feature-wise) because they added nothing new other than new Jam a Grams

6.8 points (item wise) because I actually like these new items that the update brought

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AJ Pixel Art that's almost 4 years old

Back in 2011, I had a page that showed all of my animals and what outfits that had. I don't think tha page exists anymore (not even on the internet time machine) but I don't think anyone looked at the page or would want to now because you can just search for my username and look at my animals if you really cared that much. The reason I am bringing that is is because to go along with the items I had listed for my outfits, I made little tiny pixel arts for each of my items and I thought at least someone might be interested in seeing what a bad job I did on making them

They might be hard to see, so you might want to zoom in on them (I tried to enlarge them myself but blogger just made them blurry

Pink Arctic Hood

Wreath Necklaces

 Heart Balloon

Head Feather

 Turkey Hat



Freedom Hat

Police Hat

Clover Earmuffs


Headdress (I couldn't make a headdress so I just made a feather... I think?)

Lava Glove?

Heart Cape?

I honestly don't know... Elf Bracelets maybe?

Remember, these were made almost 4 years ago so don't judge me now for making very very bad pixel art

I don't remember what program I used to make these, but whatever it was it was very useful and even let me anime my pixel arts

This isn't related to AJ, but here is an (unfinished) animation I made of a failed attempt at making a unique character that I called Ploint

 The idea is that it was a flower with pointy floating petals and for some reason it had electricity powers

Again, I admit my pixel art skills aren't the best, but in my defense that animation looks MUCH better when it isn't really slow... I can't figure out how to speed it up