Monday, September 1, 2014

Rare Den Items

Since it's the start of a new month, you can now buy another birthstone!

Sapphire Birthstone
You can but this in Epic Wonders, like all of the birthstones are sold when they come out

And for today's Rare Item Monday item...

Rare Paradise Couch
It's in the style of the items sold at the Paradise Party
This is available in Jam Mart Furniture

Personally, I love when we get rare Monday den items! It gives a nice little change from the usual clothing item, and they usually look pretty neat like this couch

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Backpacks are now in Jam Mart Clothing!~

Do you get the title now? BACKpack? Backpacks are back to Jam Mart Clothing?
I tried...

Don't forget to scroll down, I made another few posts 

Junk That used to be Rare Junk

Nafaria9 of >>The Animal Jam Whip<< posted recently about items that were once super rare, and since almost everyone in AJ is obsessed with rare junk, I feel like I should continue her post and talk about some items that are in Jam Mart Clothing that were once super valuable
This was back in 2011 and 2012

Horn Helmets

I think this item wins the "most forgotten item ever" award
Yes, Horn Helmets used to be very very rare. There weren't many of these in the game. Even back when they were rare, no one knew what these were! The colors that were circulating were this grey one, the black one, and the orange one. Grey was most common, then it was black, and there was only 1 orange one in the game. When these came back, it seems like no one really cared because this is the most forgotten item in the game

Police Hats

Yes, Police Hats! These were once rarer than horse coins are now. The four original colors were all in existence back then, though the normal green and brown one was most common and IIRC the other colors were all equally rare. Now, people treat these like trash : (


Specifically, Antlers that weren't the white variant. There were a lot of white antlers around, but very very few of the other colors, especially red and yellow. There were probably only 1 or 2 of each

Pirate Hat & Pirate Beard

Mhm, these were pretty rare too. There weren't many of either around, and there doesn't seem to be many around now either. I just remember someone randomly send me a pirate hat way before trading came out


This is the last item I will be talking about. Ties only came in 5 different colors back then. They were about the same rarity as Fox Hats were. Fox Hats are still rare today I guess, but ties were left in the dust (by dust, I mean Jam Mart Clothing)

It's funny how items that are so rare can lose value in a day. It seems like no one cares about any of these items anymore. It's a shame, I still love ties and horn helmets :(
If you want me to make a part 2 of this "series" let me know
I'd like newer players to know more about the old AJ

(and for all you rare obsessed people, I'd hate to break the news but almost every rare item in the game is in the eagle adventure lol)

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have returned to this dimension and can now post again!
I'll go over the items I missed, from newest to oldest

This is the Vine Anklet. It's a pretty cool item! Too bad there's no purple one... 
It's in Jam Mart Clothing, along with yesterday's item:

High Top Sneakers
I like how we are getting so new leg items! Now we just need some new tail items (or the return of Skullys but we all know that's never going to happen)

And finally, the Bonsai in Treetop Gardens

I love bonsais, they are so cute! I'm not the only one that thinks that, right?

(Expect some essays about rare item junk from me soon)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


No new posts for a few days since I'll be away
I'll probably have a laptop so I might be on AJ for a bit
But until then, byee!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peck Portrait

Yet another portrait is ow in Jam Mart Furniture

Peck Portrait

Even though I have a huge love for bunnies, Peck is probably my least favorite alpha kiosk beta shaman for some reason
These portraits are pretty cool though. It gives me an idea - you should be able to make portraits for your animals and trade them or put them in your den! That, or the ability to "autograph" items
What I mean by that is there should be an option to have your username display on an item when you mouse over it. So it's sort of like an autograph! For example, let's say I buy a headdress. I "sign" the headdress, and now when anyone mouses over it on my trade list, it will say "Meloetta385's Headdress" and the name will stay like that no matter who it belongs to. It would be pretty cool to know who your items that you got from trading originally belonged to, I guess

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Locked Accounts Part 1

Another shaman portrait is available in Jam Mart Furniture!

Sir Gilbert Portrait

Looks like they didn't stop after portraitizing Liza and Cosmo, they just took a break from releasing portraits for a few days


I want to address a a problem I have with some of my AJ accounts. I posted about this before a while back, but maybe someone knows how to help now
So when I go to the parent dash, I have multiple pages of accounts (I think it's 10 accounts per page)
All of my accounts are disabled/locked, which is a setting you can use for AJ accounts which basically prevents you from logging in
I am able to unlock any of the accounts on page 1, but on any other page, if I try to re enable any account, I just get sent back to page one, and the account remains locked
This means that I cannot access any of my accounts that isn't on page 1
I know for a fact that it's not just my computer or parent dash - I tried to unlock accounts with multiple parent dashes and multiple computers, and all of them have the same problem
I contacted AJ HQ about this a few times, and every time they gave me unhelpful answers... All they tell me to do is empty my cache, delete my history, and all that stuff, which never works. (not to mention the "be sure to check out the prizes at the carnival" message they always shove at the bottom of messages)
So I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and if there even is a solution. I don't want my accounts to be lost for good :(
What I think I need to do at this point is move a page of account to a new parent dash (which will make those accounts on page 1) but AJ was once again unhelpful. They kept telling me that I can only change the parent email 3 times (implying that I want to just change my email which isn't what I'm trying to do)
I was thinking I email them once more saying I just want to move one account to a new email and posting their reply here, just to prove how unhelpful they are, and I probably will do that