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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Glitched mops?

Not many people saw it, but I deleted my last post. If anyone really cares what it was about, I'll say in the comments I guess

But today I want to mention that the new item, Mop And Bucket, seems to be glitched!

There are 10 color options for this item when trying to change the color. Color 1 has a white bucket, 2 has green, 3 has orange, 4 has yellow, 5 has black, 6 has white (with white water), 7 is pink, but numbers 8, 9, and 10 are all identical!

Here is a picture of 8, 9, and 10 next to each other in my den

I guess you can't really tell that they are different, because they aren't. For some reason, AJHQ added an extra 2 color slots for this item by accident, and because of that, it glitched and added 2 more of #8

This will (probably) be fixed soon. Who know though, maybe the glitched ones will become rare like glitch rings and raspberry furry hats did!

Here is my gif of it. It's really hard to tell that I am in fact clicking the "change colors" button multiple times when #8 comes up

They will probably fix this soon, and their solution to this will probably be removing #9 and #10
But it could be possible that they will remove #8 also, which will mean that #6 #9 and #10 will in fact be rare glitch items, though it's impossible to tell them apart

Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm not gone yet

If you saw my last post (that I deleted) I'm sorry. But I still want it to be known who steals images so people can hopefully realize that a lot of people out there get their fame and popularity off of something that they stole and took credit for. So, another image stolen case has happened. On xxsmile's instagram, there is this picture

This picture was edited using my images of that weird eyepatch glitch I had, just to make it look like it belongs to someone else. But this is in fact using my images. Look at this post that I posted a long time ago

See? They took credit for my images!

I'm not going to blame xxmsile for this one, instead I'll blame Xylidine. Hopefully xxsmile wasn't in on it too, because I'm trusting her...

So I guess the message here is that xylidine doesn't post original content and steals it from other people... or something

I really don't want to have to edit all of my old images to put watermarks on them, and I don't want to have to put watermarks on any of my images at all... This makes me unmotivated to post "cool" stuff : (

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Annoying bugs and glitches of the latest update

I made 3 new posts in a short time, so in case you missed the others, I'll give you link because I'm nice

It turns out there are way more of them than I thought originally... And all of them are pretty annoying (other than the Rare Monday item coming back, of course)

These first two images aren't pf glitches, but of the two new items' other colors avaialable

And now for the glitches! Some of these will probably be fixed pretty soon, so this is basically just a log of annoying glitches that happened when the update first happened

When you try to type a contraption, all of the following letters will be in caps

Most of the new gloves don't look like how they are supposed to look
I'll post the two most notable ones (I do have pictures of the other 6 in case I need them later on)

 The orange glove looks really faded, but the weirdest one is the white and red glove. When it's worn, it appears to be mostly raspberry!

XxCatNamedWolfxX told me about this next one. If you scroll down to the bottom of your achievement list, you should have tons of the Color Me Rad! achievement

There's also the diamond glitch that was in my update post, where I bought a polar bear but it still said I had 12 diamonds

And the glitch where the last Rare Monday item is back in Jam Mart Clothing

Aaaaaand the leafy antlers polar bear glitch

Well, I did guess that this update would be full of glitches. I thought there would be fun ones, but at least was was half right... I guess?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, polar bears will have white eyes in oceans no matter what color eyes you give your polar bear

Polar Bear actions (gifs)

In case you missed the last post about the update >>click<<

Here all are of the actions the new polar bears can make

Hopefully these don't get stolen... I put a lot of work into these







 Sit (front)

Sit (back)







Thursday Update - Orange Gloves?

Yay! Update time! New newspaper! Read it
 (lol what even was that intro)

Page 1

Finally, the unreleased Polar Bears are no longer unreleased! They are in of course the Diamond Shop for an overpriced price of 10 diamonds

Ajinsider once again proves to be a reliable source as his polar bear image was not a fake!
They can go on land and in oceans (in case you didn't read the front page and ignored the little ocean icon)

Page 2

Remember how I used to say that orange nm gloves are real? Well, there's my proof!
The new orange and minty green gloves' color schemes seem to  match Elf Tail Armor

These new gloves are in Jam Mart Clothing

Thank goodness they aren't too overpriced like the old ones were

Maybe this was just what we needed to get gloves popular again! Nah, if it ain't rare, no one's gonna wear

Page 3

New exhibits in the Chamber of Knowledge and the Museum!

Page 4 (which has literally nothing to do with this update)

 I guess they are just preparing for December! We are apparently getting items this year that have "NEVER been released" which is always cool

Page 5

We can't have a Jamaa Journal without an advertisement at the end, now can we?
If you get membership via a code card you get a "free" pet polar bear. I'm not sure if there are exclusive polar bear ones or if you get a mini bear from any card though. I haven't seen anyone with a mini polar bear yet (since the update JUST came out) but I'll have pictures of them hopefully soon

That's it for the Jamaa Journal, now let's get to the new items!

Rare Knitted Sweater is back in Jam Mart Clothing which is a glitch, and it will probably be removed soon

You can also get the Twists And Turns music at the Diamond Shop

I'm STILL waiting for The Hive's music :(

Another glitch is that if you wear those newish leafy antlers on a polar bear, they show up really dark

Every color that's default on polar bears are colors that you cannot get back if you take them off

There's a new member badge for the new polar bears

There's also yet another glitch that I encountered when buying a polar bear
I started with 12 diamonds, bought a polar bear, and still had 12 diamonds!

Too bad it was only a visual glitch though. I tried to buy another animal, and it yelled at me and shoved an ad in my face for not having enough diamonds

I almost forgot, there's a new Fruit Basket in Jam Mart Furniture

And a new "visit your den" button on the map for some odd reason

I'm not really sure why they included that because the den button is right next to the map anyway, so why would anyone click the map just to go to your den?

That pretty much covers everything. I'll have some gifs up soon for all of the polar bear's actions and for the colors of the new items

I'm going to rate this update a... 12 out of 17

AJ Update - November 20 2014

AJ's in maintenance mode again, which means they are preparing for the new Thursday update!

I'm wondering why the maintenance mode picture of Liza looks so angry and unamused... Shouldn't they use this picture for when you get permabanned?

Anyway, here's what I'm expecting:

~Polar Bears (in the overpriced diamond shop lol)
~A new name tag badge (for polar bears)
~I also get the feeling that there will be some sort of new fun glitch in this update but I'm probably way wrong

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weird and Random AJ Images 10

Yes, another one of these posts. Once again nothing's going on in AJ that's interesting enough, meaning I have nothing to post about. Hopefully I can get away with that excuse a few more times

I saw someone ask for a saw in the chat box

I'm pretty sure there isn't a saw item in AJ, so it was... odd to see someone ask for one
Reminds me of the days where I used to ask people for items that didn't even exist

Here we have a classic case of "my dad's cousin's daughter's cat's flea's butler werkz 4 aj sned me rurs pls"

In that picture she is trying to fool someone for presumably a spiked wristband,  but if you think about it, she never specified what she actually wanted. She could be asking for an actual wrist

 This is a picture of that weird glitch that occurred not too long ago where items with long names would show up automatically if you opened a shop. This is the French addition

These next two pictures are from an image Xylidine posted on instagram, so credit to him for these. I'm not 100% sure if these are real, but there's always a possibility
Some unreleased wolf statue

And a gem bush

There was also another view of that mysterious Clock item but I didn't include that because I think most people already know about that by now

And finally, this is what the Ocean Adventure Base Camp looks like when only one of the back layers shows up

It looks like a badly edited picture but that's actually what it looked like one time when I went there, similar to how Sunken Treasures was glitched up when I went there