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Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Page and Golden Phantom

If you haven't noticed, there's a new page on the side there
It's about features in AJ that were either planned, removed, or unused
That kind of stuff is interesting to me so I enjoy making pages like that, and maybe you will like viewing them?? (probably not but I tried anyway)

It's also been requested (I think) to make a new Item History post, so I'll probably do that soon :)


Also, today's item was an monthly gift, the Bulky Golden Phantom
Coincidentally I got one of each type of Golden Phantom (excluding the one I already had) from TBA. It's a bit of a long shot to say they are bringing back the golden phantom set because of TBA, but it's not impossible. Maybe this is in response to letting us keep our rare items from TBA? It's like, we can keep our items but they are also all going to come back

I don't know, I'm probably looking into this too deeply like I tend to do with a lot of things... Okay I'll stop talking now

Friday, September 19, 2014

TBA Adventure Videos

You're probably sick of the TBA spam by now, but this should be the last post dedicated to TBA

I recorded some videos of the adventure, mainly to capture how the adventure looked before it was officially released

Keep in mind that I made these videos in a rush and half asleep so they aren't "pro quality" (and I apologize that my YouTube name is so embarrassing)
Also, there's no audio in any of these, but there wasn't much audio in the adventure itself. No music at all, just the basic sounds

The first video is the one I posted previously but I'll put it here again for convenience

This video shows off that it's possible to repeat the adventure over again and keep getting free items quickly

This video shows a secret gem chest, which is most likely going to be a thing that you can only get with four players (like the purple gems in eagle quest, and it might be for purple gems in this one too)

This one shows the adventure on French servers. It's even more unfinished in French as there is no messages other than "FRE-" which is the Enable Cheat message (The adventure itself is just called "f")

And the last one is probably the one that's most interesting, the full tour of the map! This video has pretty much everything in the adventure that the above videos don't have, including the possible haunted mansion place that I don't have many pictures of

Yes I know my YouTube channel is garbaje but I don't upload videos expecting to get famous off them, I barely even upload on there and I don't beg for likes and subscribes like 99.99% of people do lol

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TBA Pet Adventure Info PART 2

This post is a followup from the last post

Here are some things I found out about the adventure by playing it (some may be repeated from the last post)
  •  The adventure seems to be a Halloween themed adventure (there is a lot of candy, phantoms, spooky trees, a possible haunted mansion, and pumpkins)
  • The phantoms are unable to harm the player (both the little ones and big ones) thought this is almost certainly because the adventure is unfinished
  • The little phantoms can be destroyed just by clicking on them
  • The big phantoms can't be destroyed 
  • Turning into an eagle and starting the adventure will cause the player to be invisible
  • The XP that you get goes to the animal you were before you started the adventure, pets do not have their own adventure levels
  • The "Enable Cheat" is likely there for AJHQ to use for testing as all it does is make the time go to 00:01

Image gallery
Destroying a mini phantom
 A large phantom and some small phantoms in the spooky forest

 The candy gem bags

Liza's message that she says when you start the adventure (for some reason the white shards on the side are glowing)

 Another mini phantom and a spooky tree

A swamp

Another view of the swamp

The invisible glitch

Liza's "finished with adventure" message

The secret gem chest tree

The secret gem chest tree (active)

Another Liza message

The pumpkin patch maze

The giant badly drawn pumpkin

The message that comes up when you try to play the adventure as an ocean pet

When someone joins your adventure, they will appear as your pet too

A lot of the map is just emptiness

Playing the adventure with someone else

A glitch where the crystal shards and time appear outside of the adventure (French)

The empty room

 When playing with multiple people, Liza will say you get 17 minutes while the timer starts at 12 minutes

 A weird white void and walls glowing purple

 The two tabs - the left one brings you to the empty room when you click it, the right one opens the Enable Cheat option

 Part of the unfinished haunted mansion(?) area - and yes, that orb things was actually that blurry when I played it

That's all the images I took, but I have some more videos I'm going to upload!

TBA Pet Adventure Info Post

When today's update first came out, there was a new adventure listen in the adventure selection screen

This is obviously not supposed to be here, here a few reasons why:

• Its name is TBA, which means To Be Announced (in other words, it has no official name yet)
• It wasn't mentioned in the Jamaa Journal (when new adventures "officially" come out, they are always mentioned in the newspaper)
• When played, it's clearly unfinished

AJHQ must have accidentally released this unfinished adventure while trying to update AJ!
I took loads of pictures and even a few videos of this adventure for future reference, since I knew this adventure wouldn't be listed for much longer

When you start, this is what comes up:

The top task bar says "TALK to Alpha" which is referring to Liza
Liza is also called "???" in this adventure, probably because they didn't finish putting in her name, or maybe in the future a different alpha/shaman will be the guide for this adventure
She instructs you to "go do stuff", and the entire message is just a placeholder message and will be replaced by a real introduction if the adventure even gets officially released

When you start, five bags of gems will appear to the left of Liza that look like this:

There is badly drawn candy covering the gem bags? This leads me to believe this adventure will come out during the Night of the Phantoms celebration. The candy drawings are placeholders for a better candy graphic. The gem backs in this adventure will look like candies, basically
Collecting a bag/candy will give you +1 gem (though none of the gems you get from bags will count towards your total gem count) and you will get a green crystal shard

There are also two ! tabs that appear below Liza. Clicking on the leftmost one will bring you to this empty room

But if you click the one on the right, this pops up:
 Clicking no will simply remove the message from your screen, but clicking ok will make the time to go 00:01 making the game end quickly
Liza will say another placeholder message when the time's up
notice the mistake - there should be an apostrophe in "times"

 Then the treasure box window will come up like it does in the eagle adventure when get all of one type of gem, and assuming you picked up a gem back (which gives you a green gem) you will get to open the green chest! The first item I got was...

But you can get some rare items from doing this! But the cool thing about this is, you can keep redoing the enable cheat thing and keep on collecting items!

I recorded this video which showcases this:

 There is no audio in the video, but the entire adventure is silent apart from the gem bag collection sound, Liza's entrance sound, phantom sounds, and opening chest sounds

I have a few other videos and pictures which I'll put in a new post

Don't worry

I'll be making a post about the TBA adventure later today, but I need to go sleep now If you don't know what the TBA adventure is, then you are in for a surprise (probably)

September 18 Update - New game

Who doesn't like new stuff? Let's take a look at the new Jamaa Journal

Pet monkeys are back and are in the overpriced  Diamond Shop!

There's also a new game called Spot on! This game seems to be all original material unlike a lot of AJ's games and has some pretty animal pictures in it
I thought it was going to be like ISpy/Phantom's Treasure but it's completely different!

It's up here in Kimbara Outback, and no one that was in Kimbara with me could find the game for some reason
 It's not yet available as a den game machine or in the Sol Arcade at all, so if you want to play it, the only way is to go to Kimbara!

What you do in this game is start by clicking on a category of animals, and then you click somewhere in the paw-printed area of the screen, and a circle will start revealing what the picture is. You have to identify what animal it is as quickly as you can (or you could have just read the Jamaa Journal because it says basically what I just said)

The game seems to have really smooth animations and sounds, so good job on that, AJHQ
Moving on, we have another notice that pandas are coming back! Looks like they sorted out that "endangerment" thing
There's also a new video to watch and you can watch it directly from the Jamaa Journal

 And the last page has another video (this one about otters)
At least it isn't always greed with this game, as they do try to rescue animals :)

You probably don't know this, but Halloween/Night of the Phantoms time is my favorite time of the year! I like it even more than my fluffy snow! There's just something about Halloween that I love... Candy? The creepiness of it? I'm not sure
And the Nigh of the Phantoms just brings back memories of old AJ, I love it
 For whatever reason, the medical center's shop's items are all on sale!

So if you want cheap pink band aids...  There you go I guess!

This update was a bit lackluster but I can't complain, updates are updates

♥︎♥︎ I can't wait for the phantom party! ♥︎♥︎

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Raspberry is the Glitch Color

You probably notice that I say thing about raspberry being a glitchy color a few times (or 50) but what exactly do I mean by that? If you cared at all (which you probably didn't) then this is the post for you!

I'm going to be explaining why I call raspberry the glitch color as well as some AJ trivia, so maybe you'll learn some technical things about AJ (again, you probably don't care but I'm posting this regardless) 

A long time ago when there were only 20 colors to choose from for your animal, by clicking in the spot shown in the image below, you'd get access to a secret color, raspberry

Here is a bunny that's using this color

No one knows for sure if this was an intentional secret or a glitch
Since the new colors have been added to the selection, this raspberry color is no longer available (thought if your animals were still using this color when the new colors came out, you can still keep the color on) and replaced with a similar color

Here are two pictures of raspberry bunnies - the one of the left will be using the old raspberry

It may be a bit hard to tell, but the old color is darker

When the new color palette came out, the secret raspberry was replaced by a new icy blue color, and you can still get that color today by clicking the bottom right corner's color (like in the first image)

The fact that they replaced old raspberry with icy blue leads me to believe it was a glitch. If it wasn't a glitch, why would they change it? I guess AJHQ has their reasons...

But let's say it really was just a secret for now. When the item Furry Hat was released, there was this color of the hat available
(image from Mldriver)

This color of hat was only available on the day it came out, and the next day it got replaced by a different color (someone confirm this for me?)
But notice how it's raspberry! It wasn't intended to be an available color, that's why it's pure raspberry (apart from the snowflake) and why it was removed

There's also 71, a glitch item that I used to own

It's also raspberry!

I also have a picture of a raspberry headdress that was sent in to me by a viewer (I can't find the picture though) Raspberry headdresses don't exist, it was just a graphical glitch

And don't forget that when Bubbletrons were first introduced, they were glitched!

This is because, for whatever reason, clothing items "defualt" to raspberry
What I mean by that is, when a clothing item fails to load its texture, it displays as raspberry

However furniture items' default is white, as seem in a pictures by Balaur

I also caught a picture of a white coffee table at the wolf party

I'm sure why the game chose raspberry for clothing items, but white for den items

As I've mentioned in many other posts, I may not be the best at explaining things, so if you don't understand something I said, it's natural