Halloween in over but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop pretending like it's Halloween

Friday, December 19, 2014

December Gifts - Day 19 GLITCH

Another new and funky clothing item for today's gift!

As usual, there are 7 colors

There are 4 NEW items today, and two of them are glitched!

I'll start with the non-glitched one for suspense, even though you can just scroll down to the glitched ones but whatever

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Both items are new, and the window even has animated snow! +.2 points for you, AJHQ

And now for the glitched items. They aren't glitched like the raspberry furry hat, but they are glitched like the mops from not too long ago. Each only has one color available, but the color change button is on both of them! I'm not really sure if that means there are actually 8 different colors of each, but all 8 are the same, or if there is only one. There's no way to tell I guess, but it doesn't really matter

In Jam Mart Clothing...

It don't know how easy it is to tell in the gif, but I am actually clicking the color change button

Same with the new item in Shiveer Shoppe:
It's certainly weird... AJ's been rather glitchy lately... Too bad there aren't any new FUN glitches, unless you count the walk through walls in Jamaaliday Rescue a "new" glitch (and for anyone wondering, I'm not going to explain that glitch because I lack the ability to explain things well)

I'm going to throw in the new loading screens because yes

I'm guessing you've seen all of those already just by playing AJ, but it's good to have them for memory's sake

Thursday, December 18, 2014


I don't usually advertise the Daily Explorer (aside from the obvious link to it on the sidebar) but their latest post was kinda interesting to me

It has a video of some new series they are starting (which will probably fail miserably but they will continue to make it anyway, much like this blog) but the video's host is Cami, who is a daughter of an AJHQ member. She has a sad but cute story which can be found somewhere on the internet (I'd link to the post but I won't because reasons)

I don't really know why I am posting this to be honest, but it's good to see that Cami is doing fine (and Froggy)
(that is Froggy)
The Cami's Frog item in AJ is based on, well, Cami's frog

Also, I'm going to be less active from now until the middle of January because of other reasons. I'll still be doing posts about the daily gifts and stuff, so don't worry

AJ Update - December 18

This update didn't take as long as most of the other update, and knowing AJHQ, that probably means this update will be very lacking. Unfortunately, I'm right about that... (there are a LOT of new items though)

The first noticeable thing is the new loading screens

There are more than just this one. I'll show off the other ones in another post, but you'll probably see all of them for yourself anyway

The new daily gift arrives with a glitch

That's the one I got. It's CLEARLY red. But when I tried to put it in my den...

It magically changed to green! There might be more colors of them, so if I find more, I'll edit this post and put them here

And now, the new Jamaa Journal

Pet foxes are back in the overpriced Diamond Shop!

Page 2:

Another case of "let's pretend like something that's already been out for a while is new"! Cool!
There MIGHT be new prizes int eh adventure, but most likely not

Page 3


Page 4:

The New Year's Party is back for 2015! The next party is a few hours away, but I will show the new items at the party when I can get to one of the parties

Page 5:

I have nothing to say about that
i lied i actually do have something to say about that how dare they use the same last page 3 times in a row and lie about never advertising

There's a new 2015 Jam a Gram

 It's even animated!

Now for new items... This update only added 3 new things (new loading screens, "new" party, and a new Jam a Gram) apart from items. I don't usually count items as new things in updates since new ones come out every day, but this one has A LOT OF NEW ITEMS so I'll let it slide

 In Jam Mart Clothing...

That's certainly a funky hat...
 In Epic Wonders...

A cute snowflake chair! Too bad there are like 8 different colors and I like to  buy one of everything because now I have to spend all that money on 8 chairs
 In Treetop Gardens...

 A huge amount of new(?) topiaries (that are ALL members only because ajhq) and a nonmeber carnation flower

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Cute new Jamaaliday decorations!

Not that it has any relevance to anything but I'm going to have a really hard time adding all of these to the item page, plus I need to make gifs for most of them lol

That is all. I'll give this update a 7.8/10 because it has too much water 4.8/10 because I'm feeling extra nice today. Most of that score comes from the huge amount of new items

All of the new items will be added to the item archive page soon, so you can view all of their available colors

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Gifts - Day 17

Super cute new gift today!

This is one of those items that's been used to decorate rooms like the Jamaaliday Party and the new adventure, so a lot of people expected this to come out soon

Not all items that get used as common decorations at parties get released though. Take this snowman for example

This one has a green scarf and no hat, while the one that's been available as an item since 2010 has a blue hat and scarf. That also happens to be the new item today

The little minecraft style bushes that were the first gift this month also have an unreleased/unused form

The ones we got however had snow on them. The weird part is, when you opened the gift, the item didn't have snow on it, but when placed in a den it suddenly make snow appear

I doubt anyone finds this stuff as interesting as I find it, but it's being posted regardless lol

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Gifts - Day 16

We are already half way through the daily gifts, and I'm still waiting for those fancy diancie shining icicles... At least we got another cute item today

I think this was released last year, or at least something very similar was

Since there are two new items in stores today, I'll be nice and post them both here so you don't have to click the page that I have that lists the new items (or you could just look in the stores yourself but that's really boring, right?)

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Giant Candy Canes are back! Looks like I need get some more gems from somewhere... which reminds me that I might do some tests to see what game is in fact the fastest game to get gems from

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Oh look, one of those items that I can't tell if it's creepy or cute (and also something I can't afford lol)

I actually only have 9 gems (and yes I know no one asked or cares)

I was also going to reopen that item blog that I had once (which can be found >>here<<) but there are way too many items to make pages for now, plus that blog was only about rare items, probably because I used to be one of those people who just trades all day

Edit: The items blog is public again. Sorry about that

Monday, December 15, 2014

December Gifts - Day 15 + AJ Ideas

I won't act overenthusiastic about this one - the new gift is a returning gift (and cute)

The new rare for today is in Jam Mart Clothing, and is just another recolor of an already existing item, just like we get every week. I am really making this post sound really bored and sad for no reason at all but okay

Enough of that boring daily routine of posting the new daily gift every day, I'm just going to move on and share some of my ideas for new stuff/features that I think would be cool additions to AJ!

First - I think they should find a way to implement a weather feature! At random times (and perhaps very rarely) it starts to rain in Jamaa Township, or start to snow in Mt. Shiveer! I know a lot of people despise rain for some odd reason, so they should also add an option to turn off weather effects. I guess that would be way too much for AJHQ, so they would probably just recolor the rain cloud den items and call it new
(This was my friend LargeRabbit's idea too)

Second - More rooms like Canyons Pathway
 You know, that room that connects Coral Canyons and Crystal Sands that everyone forgot about? It would be pretty cool to see an icy cave path that connects Crystal sands and Mt. Shiveer... Nice icy blue walls, icicles coming from the roof of the cave... And what about a small bridge room that connects Sarepia and Coral Canyons? It could be just a simple little room that looks like the bridge entrance in the beta dens

Third - Upgrades for adventures

Upgradable stats would really make adventures feel more like an RPG! Let's say you earn medals or tokens from playing adventures by destroying phantoms or something. You can then use those medal token things to upgrade things like your speed and attack strength. Faster and slower movement speeds are actually possible in AJ, and speed modification is most likely already in the game's code. There's actually a glitch that lets you move faster or slower, but I don't know how to trigger it. It just happens sometimes

Fourth - Unique abilities
Eagles move over walls (or as they call it in AJ, "flying") and seals, penguins, polar bears, and otters can be used both on land and in oceans. Those are the only animals that have "special abilities" that no other animal can do. I think they should add more abilities for different animals. For example, bunnies and foxes should be able to access an underground room by digging, but no other animals can access that room. And for another example, cheetahs should be able to move faster than other animals

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Gifts - Day 14

We can get another NEW gift today! The gift is Candy Cane Socks, the item I talked about yesterday

They come in multiple colors too, unlike the Candy Cane Tie

There are 2 new items today! One of them isn't new, but it's an item that was brought back, the Paw Candy item (in Jam Mart Furniture)

 The NEW item is the Jingle Bell Necklace in Jam Mart Clothing!

It was made to match the bracelet we got earlier this month. All of the colors match up to their bracelet counterparts -all except for the 8th one

As it's always been, the daily gifts that are clothing items only get "officially" released in 7 out of the 8 colors. It's happened with both rare and non rare bows, anemone head bows, plus all of the ones we got this year

Since all of the bracelet colors match, it's safe to assume that the unreleased Jingle Bell Bracelet is purple with yellow bells