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Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Item Ideas

I lost most of my motivation to post and play AJJAM (I blame the chat update) but I'm still not dead, don't worry lol
Here are some more ideas for new items in AJ. They're all terrible and none of them will ever exist in AJ but we can pretend like they exist or something idk lol

Fishbowl Hat
Fishbowl Hats would be similar to Sandy's Helmet from Spongebob, a glass sphere that goes over the animal's head. Transparent clothing items might be a little hard to code or something so we'll probably never get something like this

Lightbulb Hat
My original idea for these were similar to Fishbowl Hats but with alightbulb instead. That might look weird, so how about a lightbulb floating over the animal's head? And maybe it could give zappy particles like Phantom Masks

Lampshade Hat
As the name suggests, a lampshade that covers your animal's head. This, Fishbowl Hats, and Lightbulb Hats would probably be released together for April Fools

Prismarine Headdress

Since all Headdresses now have the rare tag, there's now room for new "non rare" versions. Eventually Headdresses will get released in 8 new colors. This is an idea for what one of those new colors could look like. I planned on making 7 more headdress colors but I'm so bad at editing LOL

Scary Headdress
(not an edit)

A Scary Headdress would be pretty cool. I think they should swap the yellow and orange in the picture. That would give it orange feathers with black tips and a yellow and black headband thing
pls ajhq

Phantom Playset
A long time ago my friend told me about an item called "Phantom Playset" that doesn't exist. I still think it would be a good idea for a new den item though. I picture this as a pile of toys with a phantom conductor riding a mini train on a train set

Dice Tail
Another rumored item from the same person that would also make a fancy new item. It's a pair of fuzzy dice that goes over your tail. I don't know how this would look on animals with stub tails like bunnies but I can picture it on a wolf very clearly

Cactus Hat
(I couldn't find the nonblurry version of this)

I've talked about these 900 times on this site and I'll do it again. Cactus Hats should definitely be an item in AJ and Cactus should be the next animal ! 
There is a large variety if cactus flavors but I picture the hats as being shaped like Barrel Cactus with a flower on top

Scary Elf Helmet

Elf Helmets are one of my favorite items in the game, Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, what could go wrong with combining both of them? Probably a lot, but who cares? This thing looks amazing !!!

Squid Hat
Yet another hat. My friend spiritcloud drew one that pretty much shows exactly how I think it would look

More Hologram Items
That Heart-Shaped Hologram item that came out the other day is also one of my favorite items now. I think it would be cool if they added more hologram-y items like Clover Holograms, Snowflake Holograms, Cactus Holograms, or even Hologram Holograms

A little unusual, but what about a functioning calculator den item? I don't know why it would be needed, but... yeah

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My thoughts on the new chat system

I originally had positive views on today's update but that was before I actually tried chatting

The newspaper says people who follow the rules will have more freedom with the chat, and people who will have a more strict chat

That sounds great, right? I thought so, but this chat is now has anything but freedom!

I follow the rules yet I can't have a simple conversation with someone without getting at least 50 warning messages even though I'm dong nothing wrong

There are some new warning messages. You better get used to them as they seem to come up after every other message sent

Before I complain about the bad stuff, I'll talk about the good stuff. This new chat system is bittersweet, but mostly bitter

You know how the AJ chat had the worst chat filter? Well, it still does lol
But now you can say a small variety of words that you couldn't say previously (even though they shouldn't have been blocked in the first place

Words you can now say include...

Scam (and all variants)
Hack (and all variants)
Hate (and all variants)
Depressed (and all variants)

And probably many more words. Sadly that's where the good things end
There are still some things that they didn't fix, such as being able to say the word "husband" and "hi" with more than one i
Seriously AJ, what's so bad about saying hii or byee? That's how I used to do my greetings and goodbyes, but now I can't for literally no reason

That's not all that bad though. What's bad is how this new chat is almost like the exact opposite of freedom! Free chat is basically the same thing as restricted chat now!

It's near impossible for me to talk in AJ now. If you spell words incorrectly it will just give you this message

let's be honest here, they ain't never gonna review that message

If you spam random letters it will give you that message. If you type anything that isn't an English word you get that message. Half the time if you type perfectly it will give you that message!

Because I'm a total weirdo I have my own "typing language"
I commonly make up words and spell things incorrectly on purpose. With this new chat I'm not allowed to do that because it's "wrong"
As cheesy as this will sound, it's like AJ is trying to teach me I can't be myself. Yes, I'm probably overreacting there, but it's kinda true if you think about it :\

There are so many things you're not allowed to say now. Yeah, this is definitely what I call "freedom"

I've even seen several people being able to type things that I can't type. I don't break the AJ rules (and if I did and I tried to ask AJ what rules I broke, they're never going to tell me, LOL) so I don't get it. That leads me to believe it has something to do with my suspension record. My account Meloetta385 has been suspended twice. The thing is, neither of the suspensions were my fault at all! The first time I got suspended was because I said "i kwit" which is "I quit" spelling wrong. I didn't even get any kind of warning message, they just banned me right away for no reason. What the cheese tacos, AJ!? The second time I got suspended was from when I got hacked. Whoever the hacker was got my account banned

I could be wrong here, but the reason my chat is so restricted is because of these two suspensions that WERE NOT MY FAULT! I'm being punished for something I had no control over, nice
There are plenty of "banned for no reason" stories in this post
So people are going to keep getting punished for things that are wrong on AJ's end. That's so squiddin sarcastically great!

And here's something else inexcusable with this new chat system. I was at a party with a bunch of people and my friend buster walks in and says hi. I said "hi hi" to him and got one of those stupid warning messages that you can't x out of and takes 5 minutes to go away

I figured that maybe I spelled it wrong or something so I just typed "hi"
And guess what? ANOTHER one of those warning messages! Since when was wanting to be a decent person and saying hi to my friend a crime!?

I'm not going to lie, I was actually excited about this update. That party was amazing, we got some cool new items, and more den space. I was all ready to decorate my den and have some fun on this game. Then I tried to talk to my friend. That's when I learned how bad this chat really is

I'll get a lot of backlash for saying this but these awful changes to the chat are really making me want to play this game a lot less. I was hoping my 5th anniversary on AJ was going to be slightly fun but when I can't even say hi to my friend without the risk of getting banned, how am I supposed to have fun on this game? And it's not like quitting is an option, I have no life so I have nothing better to do lol

I think I might just switch over to Bubble Chat for a while. The way it is now, Bubble Chat is way more "free" than free chat

AJ Update February 4 2015 - My Pre-Anniversary Update

I didn't know what to call this update so I named it after that fact that tomorrow (February 5th) wil be my 5th year anniversary of playing AJJAM! Maybe I'll do something special but knowing me I probably won't lol

So... The Jamaa Journal has a lot of pages! Unfortunately the last 3 are basically just copy/pasted from the last one, I'm surprised there was no ad though!

Before we get to the Jamaa Journal, there are some new loading screens!

There might be another one but I could only find 3

Anyway, here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

Yay, a new overpriced and oversized den! These never get old, right?

They didn't even say where the new den was available int he newspaper. I guess they figured we all know by now that they will never make a new non-diamond animal or den ever again because ALL JAMMER LOVE THE DIAMOND SHOP !!!!!

I did buy this den and my excuse for that is I wanted to make a Valley Tinsel Day themed den. It's kinda cute but I know I'll be discouraged by the size of the den (just like every diamond den lol)

Page 2

For some reason they brought back the carnival...?
Apparently there will be rare junk at the carnival too. The shops are exactly the same as they were last summer

And now it's suddenly back this February too! My theory is the carnival is on a timer which they accidentally set incorrectly. The carnival was supposed to show up every year but they set it to 6 months instead. Now they're just trying to cover up their mistake lol
I could be wrong, but it's definitely suspicious...

Page 3

There's a new party for monkeys only, making this the second monkey exclusive party

I'll post about that later but it's actually a really cool party!

Page 4

I'm... not exactly sure what this means. I'm guessing if your account exists for a certain amount of time and you haven't been banned, you'll get free chat or something? That's a step in the right direction I guess. Too bad AJ has a tenancy to randomly ban people for not breaking the rules. Now the wrongly banned people will suffer even more :\

Page 5

The most disappointing part of this update is the severe lack of GOATS!
What I don't understand is, if the animal they revealed isn't even finished yet, why reveal it a month in advance? That only makes people disappointed when another update comes and they still haven't been released. I think they should reveal an animal 1 update before they come out

On the bright side, members can have another 100 items in their furniture inventory

And you'll need every last inventory space to decorate these new dens LOL

Page 6

Litereally just a copy/paste from last Jamaa Journal

Page 7

There's a new party you can host which is almost the same thing as an existing party. What it looks like in the picture isn't even what the party itself looks like

As of right now, the party list is filled with the new party so go check it out if you're not lazy like me

There's a new shop on the deck

Here's what it sells

The other new "feature" is that you can now change the music in your party. However, they removed the Beta Party music that used to play at this party

Darn, that was one of the key parts to the Candy Science Alliance : (

Page 8

There's also a new Jam a Gram

 Special Delivery music is now available in the Diamond Shop

 An d most importantly, a returning feature!

Notice the broom icon in the bottom corner. It functions just like the Clear button!

I'll give this update a... 5 / 10

Monday, February 1, 2016

AJ Servers Rant

It's that time of the week again - I got 0 sleep credits last night so I need to make more uninteresting rant posts !!!!!!

This time the topic will be AJ's terrible servers. I'm sure most of us can probably relate to at least one of these things. That's really unfortunate, too : (

NONE of this stuff ever happened in the first 3 years of AJ so expect me to bring that up 50 thousand times

Also, I put way too many pictures in this post. You're welcome

The first thing is the least annoying of the things on this post but it's still very annoying. This happens very often. On my screen I'm facing the screen and to the right

On my friend-who-totally-isn't-my-alt's screen, I'm facing away from the screen to the left

It's not too bad but it tells us the servers aren't very accurate. In the past it would always show you in the same position on everyone's screen

Here's another example. On my screen I'm standing right next to gigi

But on Røsey's screen I'm a mile away!

This usually leads to someone yelling at you for standing on them even though on your screen you're nowhere near the person you're apparently standing on. Yeah, very annoying

I'll give one more example of this. On my screen I'm flailing around like an idiot with my arrow keys

However, on Røsey's screen, I'm barely moving...

It's very slow at updating my position. In the past, it would always update right away. It would look like I am flailing around like an idiot on everyone's screen, not just mine (although arrow key controls didn't exist back then)

I think I have an explanation for this though. AJ didn't have nearly as many players now as it did back then. That put a lot less stress on their system... or something

The next thing I'm going to complain about is the "Find Open World" option

I'll only go over this briefly because yes, you can turn it off. I'm complaining more about the fact that it's on by default. I don't think a lot of people even know what this does. If the room you want to get into is full, it will switch your server to one where the room isn't full. It's a good feature for newer players who don't really care about what server they're in and just want to play, I get that. But every time I log into a storage and try to get into a room in a specific server or something, I always forget that it's on by default and it sends me to an empty room on an empty server. It's very annoying but I get over it in 30 seconds

Next up is the player search system. If you're not in the same server as someone, even if they are online, it will almost always show them as offline. In the past it would always show them as online no matter what server you or they were on. That's not a huge deal on its own but it can cause other problems. Let's say someone who isn't your buddy wants to visit your den. The problem is, your den is locked

They sned you a Jam a Gram asking you to unlock it

You unlock your den and sned them a Jam a Gram back

But because they are on a different server than you, your playercard doesn't update and it still says your den is locked!

Then they send you an angry Jam a Gram calling you a liar

Even though you did unlock your den, you get blamed for AJ's terrible servers!
It's not very fun being called a liar when you were telling the truth : (

And perhaps the most annoying thing about modern AJ's servers are the servers themselves (or as they call them now, "Worlds")

There are two or 3 versions of each server
Here's an example of what I mean by that

Account #1 goes to Aldan. Look at how empty it is

Account #2 also goes to Aldan. Both accounts were on at the same time, but Account #2's Aldan is completely different than Account #1's Aldan!
 This is incredibly annoying for a large variety of reasons (which I'll get to in a second)
What's the point of giving servers unique names if 2 different servers have the same exact name!? Why are there 2 or 3 "sets" of servers? I understand AJ has a lot more players nowadays so one set of servers isn't enough to hold all the players, but why can't they name the servers differently? Why are there TWO ALDANS!? At least name one of them Aldan 2!

Alright, imagine this situation. your favorite blogger is hosting an AJ party

The party day is here and you go to the server Draa

And then someone else goes to Draa. Instead of putting them into the party room's server, they get a completely different Draa and miss the party

Because of how there are like 12 of each server, you and probably half of the other people that wanted to attend the party end up missing the party...

In 2011, if you wanted to host a party in Draa, everyone would be able to make it with no problem. There was only one Draa

It's not like that anymore so you're pretty much forced to host parties in dens unless you don't mind losing half your guests

It's not only that, though... Say you wanted to get an item off a storage account. Your buddy list is full and you can't delete anyone so you need to be in the same room as the storage. You're in server Kama in Coral Canyons. It's a pretty full room. You log your storage in and bring it to Kama's Coral Canyons. The thing is, the Kama your storage is in is completely empty! So now you have 3 (terrible) options. You can...
A - force one of your buddies to add the storage to their busy list so you can teleport to them
B -Leave the room your in, ditching all your buddies that were in the room with you and go to your den so you can meet upw ith your storage (assuming you don't get the stupid locked den problem)
  C - give up on using the storage

So you decide to go with option B
But the problem is, you get this...

You know what, I'm done. Bye