Halloween season(?) is upon us!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In memory of my old AJ friends

I just felt like making a lost of friends that I had on AJ that I was close to, but they all quit for one reason or another
I guess this is just another post for my own memory's sake that I really could have just saved in a private document on my computer, but I thought that maybe at least someone knows if these people are still alive

If you are or know any of these people, let me know I guess... A lot of these people seems to have completely disappeared from the entire internet. That, or they just quit AJ lol

PinayMew/themagicouranmew (I think those were her usernames)
eye66ytht (pretty sure I know what happened to her . . .)
Annika (I can't remember her username, she used to comment a lot)

If anyone on this list is reading this, I hope you come visit me in AJ sometime... I miss you guys :(
These are the people that used to talk to me a lot, but I don't ever see them anymore
I know I probably missed someone that used to talk with me a lot, these are the people I remembered off the top of my head

Monday, October 20, 2014

AJ Story Time - Weird hostile tiger with a "pich froke" and the glitch story

This is another random post like the last one was, since there is nothing interesting going on in AJ right now

I'm going to be telling some of my weird (and true) AJ stories!

The first story is short. I'm not sure exactly when this one happened, but I think it was before AJF existed (sometime before April 2011) and isn't much of a story

I was at some party with my friend, both of us were wearing heart balloons. This very hostile tiger comes up to us saying exactly "gets pich froke pops balonas"
That translates to "gets pitch fork, pops balloons" I'm guessing
The end

The next story is a bit more interesting. This is from early 2011 as well. There was something wrong with my computer, and sometimes when I logged into AJ I would glitch out. Everything started normal (apart from the game and fact icons not showing up) but sometimes after I switched rooms, my animal would start at the top left corner of the room! After that I was able to walk on walls! But ONLY walls. I couldn't get back to the ground... While walk on wall glitches aren't unknown on AJ, this was way before an actual method to do a glitch like this was discovered. As far as I know, I was the only Jammer in the game who had the ability to walk on walls! I took loads of pictures, I'll show the most interesting ones (ahhh these bring back pleasant memories)

This is me in the place the game used to start me at, the top left corner. You can tell this is a very old screenshot because of the ice Mira statue, and because I still have the old gold nametag (and my bunny's early look)

Here's me sitting on top of the Flag Shop before it opened! I'm still not convinced that this building was always planned to be a flag shop...

People would always ask me how I got on the walls, and all I could tell them was that I didn't know! I said to this seal "I'm a ghost!" and that was their reaction
And I noticed something looking back at these pictures - nametags used to be more see-through

That's me chilling across the lake in Jamaa Township, before Appondale was even a thing
I remember I used to always go to this spot when I got the glitch... Good times ♥︎ ♥︎

This is when I discovered the elephant statue in Zios. I might as well be the first player to actually see it in person!

I forgot to mention that if I tried to switch animals while the glitch was active, my animals would all turn into Princess Orangemountain (I mentioned her in a previous post)

I couldn't x out of this, so my only way to play again was by refreshing

And finally, there's this picture:

This picture has its own little story. While the glitch was active, I went to my den and I saw someone was there. On their screen they were really on another room like Jamaa Township, but on my screen they were in my den! I didn't know that at the time though. They couldn't see me (based on how they ignored me) 
Their username was supercal, and ever since then I've been afraid of them...

So yeah, like I said this was way before people found methods to get on the walls themselves, this was just a glitch that happened to me randomly. Occasionally I saw other people with the glitch, but it was very very rare. I'm pretty sure I was the first jammer to ever walk on walls, but maybe there was someone before me

I have tons more stories if anyone wants to hear them

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SPOOKY Halloween AJ Jokes

My goal is to make these as cheesy and bad as possible (and none of them are even spooky)

Why was the wolf unable to move?
Because it was wearing some of that Diamond Shop armor. That stuff is heavy

Why did the arctic wolf scam?
Because it was greedy

Why does AJHQ give robotic responses and put stuff in the response email that has nothing to do with what I ask them?
I wish I knew the answer to that one :(

What do you call it when it says someone is at your den, but when you go there, your den is empty?
You are probably playing AJ too much, log off and get some fresh air

Why am I making these really really bad jokes (if you can even call them jokes)?
Because I have nothing better to do with my time I'm sorry guys

What is the ghostliest item in the game?
Ghosts (you know, that den item that's literally called Ghosts)

What item is even more ghostly than Ghosts?
None of them

 What did I trade for a 45 gem necklace?
No one cares

Bass Camp?

The music from the adventure base camp is in the Diamond Shop, which is probably obvious if you looked at the music there. But what I noticed a while ago is that the song is called "Bass Camp" but the room where the music plays is called Adventure Base Camp

This is the name of the room:

And this is the name of the music

I'm not really sure what's going on here... "Bass" Camp could be a pun because a bass is a musical instrument. But it has nothing to do with the music because there is no bass sound in the music! Also, the ocean Base Camp Music is spelled Base, like it should

So if it was a pun, this music would be called Ocean Bass Camp

aj pls fix

There isn't really much going on in AJ right now, so I had to think of something to post

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More weird pictures (Edited)

I was just looking through my old collection of AJ pictures (a good portion of them might be lost forever) and I found a few more that I think deserve some mention. There are only 3 this time though

The first picture is from early AJ (after beta, though)

These are the old icons for the Small House and Castle dens
It's a small image and making it bigger will only make it blurry, so this will have to do
These icons reveal that both of those dens have windows (though you can't see them in game because some walls are invisible so you can actually see the inside of the den)
I find it pretty interesting that there are windows in our dens that we can't see

 Next, here's a picture of an invisible animal named Princess Orangemountain

You are probably wondering what this is
I've talked about "defaults" before, and that is what Princess Orangemountain is. When animal names fail to load properly, they appear as Princess Orangemountain, or at least they used to (I think they show up as tempAvt now)
In some cases, it was Princessess Orangemountain, and all of those names are ones you cannot use for your animals. I'm not sure why this happened, but I guess there's no way to know now since this can no longer happen (because now animal names show up as tempAvt when loading, which means temporary avatar)
Pets' default/loading names used to be Princess Orange, but I think it is tempAvt now too
(yeah that part was confusing sorry)

And finally, another thing that I mentioned before, pure white furniture!

This picture was taken at a Wolves Only Party. The first second or so that I arrived, these items appeared white (I'm not even sure how I managed to take this picture since it only stayed like that for a second, maybe less)
I talked about defaults/loading colors in >>this post<<
White is the default for most (if not all) den items

Someone should teach me how to explain things better

Edit: I found some more pictures! These are some ads for AJ:

 All of those items are ones that are in the game right? Take a look at what that panda is holding... That could possibly be a new item! Maybe it will be called Spiked Club, but it seems a little violent for AJ. Actually never mind, this game has nun chucks, bows, and swords too lol

And this one:

(credit goes to nafaria9 for this picture)
I'm nor sure what Tunnel Town bunnies are doing in an AJ ad, but look at the bunny in between the two toucan bunnies
I don't remember seeing any bunny like that in AJ OR Tunnel Town! If it isn't a real ad, it makes me wonder why they'd use official art for 4 of the bunnies and then make their own for just one bunny

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AJHQ email and new search bar

That's right, I replaced the old useless search bar and replaced it with a new one, so now you can search for posts on AJF just by using key words

Aside from that, an email was sent out by AJHQ:

"We are writing to inform you of an issue with our software tools that may have resulted in your child encountering inappropriate language in Animal Jam over the weekend.

On Saturday October 11, some Animal Jam players discovered a bug in our chat filtering software that briefly permitted the use of a banned word in the game. Several AJ players saw and reported the inappropriate language to our live moderators, who escalated the issue to senior members of our community and production teams. The software bug was found and fixed a few hours later. Subsequent review of our server logs showed that this bug may have affected 0.05% of all chat in the game during this period.

We take the safety of our players very seriously, and we believe in providing you with a transparent window into your child’s activities in our online playground. If your child was one of those who encountered a swear word during this period, we wish to apologize to you and your family for our error. We are confident that the problem has been resolved, and any players found to have broken the Animal Jam Code of Conduct during this period are being notified of disciplinary action up to and including bans on their accounts.

Animal Jam uses state of the art chat analytics and filtering to ensure that children can’t exchange personal information or use inappropriate language while communicating with one another in the game. Kids can be ingenious in testing the boundaries of our systems, however, and we work continually to improve our software tools and anticipate problems before they occur. If you or your child ever encounter chat in Animal Jam that you believe is inappropriate or against our rules, please report it immediately by emailing support@animaljam.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this incident or concerns you would like to share. Thank you for everything you do to help us maintain Animal Jam as a safe and friendly online destination for kids.


Animal Jam HQ

So apparently on Saturday, people found a bug that let them use banned words. I certainly wasn't aware of this, but it's pretty interesting. It makes me wonder how they discovered how to do this. Of course, if I knew, I wouldn't be using inappropriate words, I'm just curious to know how they found this out. According to AJHQ it was a bug and not someone using hacks, so yeah

There are some words that really shouldn't be banned though... Like the word "scam" for example. I don't know why you can't say this anymore. How can you tell someone that you got scammed now? You have to say "I got scale" which just sounds weird (It's like they are teaching us to use the wrong words)

While on this subject, has anyone else noticed that you get a warning for saying "lolkingcentury1" in the chat? For those of you who don't know, that guy was the infamous name hacker who changed his tiger's name to something... bad
For some reason I find it funny that you get a warning for saying his name (same thing with fman, but that's not as weird because AJ doesn't like the letter f)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Item History - Elf Tail Armor

Elf Tail Armor has a story behind it (it's not much of a story but I guess it counts) so I think it deserves to be a topic on Item History!

Around November of 2011, a mysterious Jammer with the username sizzlerat appeared

No one was quite sure who sizzlerat was, but if there was anything I was sure of, it was that she is really good at making animal outfits (come on, that wolf looks really good)
sizzlerat had Elf Tail Armor before anyone else, which was a pretty big deal at the time because everyone really wanted tail items to come to AJ since the removal of Skullys
A lot of people called the tail item a "tail glove" but I emailed AJHQ and told me it was called Elf Tail Armor (which was one of the few times I actually got a real answer from their emails)
Not only did she have Elf Tail Armor, but she had unreleased colors of Elf Bracelets and Jamaaliday Bow (which have since been released)
There were so many rumors about sizzlerat - some said she was a hacker, by the truth is she was from AJHQ! I don't know if she was a bot or an actual person, but the account was in fact created by AJHQ, probably to test Elf Tail Armor
A few days later after she became well known around AJ, the account was removed from searches, meaning if you tried to search for sizzlerat on AJ, it would just say they couldn't be found (you still can't search sizzlerat or create a new account with that name) and this is because most of AJHQ's accounts are hidden

The item stayed unreleased for a while, but on March 1st 2012, they were released as a monthly gift

But when they were still unreleased, they had a small change
Take a look at these screenshots I took of sizzlerat's tail armor

Nothing unusual, right? Well, look at these pictures I took five minutes ago:

Before you ask, that isn't really sizzlerat, just my animal that I made to look like her
If you can't tell the difference between the old tail design and the new, sizzlerat's tail armor had no light pink lines like mine does! The white shine on the red gems is less noticeable on sizzlerat's tail armor too
This is something a lot of people don't remember or know about
They probably made this change to make it look more like armor

Also, when Elf Tail Armor came out for the monthly gift, there were 11 colors. Clothing items can only have up to 8 colors

If you want to see the old item icons, go here:

Eventually Elf Tail Armor was put in the Diamond Shop, but since clothing items can only have 8 available colors, some colors of Elf Tail Armor isn't for sale (I wrote about that on the Unreleased Items page, but I'll put that section here)

 "Elf Tail Armor came back and is now available in the Diamond Shop. However, these five colors of Elf Tail Armor did not return. These colors aren't really glitched or anything, the reason they didn't come back was because of the way shops work. Clothing items are only capable of having 8 different colors available in shops, so technically these 5 colors aren't the same as the other 8 (it's a bit hard to explain, just take my word for it)"

That's the section that I wrote on that page, and these are the 5 that didn't come back:

I'll try to explain what I mean by "these 5 colors aren't the same as the other 8" a little better

When changing the color of clothing items, there are 8 different colors (though some items don't have any more colors than the default)
But some items have more than 8 colors (I'll use Eyeball Hats as an example)
Eyeball Hats originally had 5 colors, and in 2011 Halloween there were 4 new colors. However, the pink eyelash Eyeball Hat was not sold, meaning there were only 8 colors sold that year. This is because the pink eyelash eye has a different item ID than the other ones do, which basically means the game doesn't count them as the same item
(I'm really not good at explaining things, so sorry about that)

So, these 5 tail armor colors have a different ID than the other 8 do, so if AJHQ wanted all 11 colors to be in stores, there would have to be 2 sets of the same item; one for the "normal" 8 and 1 for these 5
However, if that happened there would probably be 3 more colors of Elf Tail Armor to go along with that 5 so it adds up to 8

There is some proof that the 5 of these tails have a different ID than the other 8 though! I don't know if this is still the case, but in the past when you tried to recycle one of the 8 "normal" tails, it would sell for 300 gems

But if you tried to sell one of the other 5, you'd only get 45 gems!

This is because, like I've been trying to say, the game classifies the five as a different item than the other 8

Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much, but I guess that's part of the fun

Elf Tail Armor has always been an interesting item in my opinion

What item should I do next for Item History?