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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lost Account Rant

(No I'm not back... and I couldn't come back if I wanted to ¬_¬)

First some background info. A long time ago (2011) I used to make a crud ton of AJ storage accounts. I had at least 50 and half of them were for Halloween. Back then AJHQ didn't seem to care that much that people used storage accounts. Now they hate them (you can't have the word "storage" in your name anymore because "it's inappropriate", and they tend to delete storages now) but that's a topic for another day. I had this one account called IBuyRares. I used it to buy clearance items since they would become rare soon (hence the name)
Semi recently I got locked out of my main account, Meloetta385. That being said, I couldn't make gifs of new items because I had no member account. I decided to get membership on a new account so I could check for items and work on breadstick or whatever the heck I do when I'm logged into AJ. I wanted the new account to have free chat so I looked through my old accounts with free chat and decided on making IBuyRares my new main account
Recently AJHQ changed that name to Jammer8359y2395829 or something random like that without telling me why. The account has existed for almost 5 years so why is it now that they find the name to be "inappropriate"? I asked them that myself, as well as asked exactly what rules the name broke and they pretty much ignored the question. They gave me some long speech about "when we find a username that breaks the Animal Jam Rules we change it" I already knew that, and that wasn't what I asked. They offered to let me change the name again, despite having said that "If a username breaks the Animal Jam Rules, AJHQ will change it, and it can’t be changed again"
(They said that > here < if you don't believe me)
So not only did they ignore my question but they also made what they said before a lie. Although I still don't believe the name broke any rules so maybe it's not a lie after all lol
The thing is, I don't want a new name, I want IBuyRares! They wouldn't let me use caps in the middle of my name even though my old name that they changed that wasn't inappropriate has caps
The first time they asked for all my account info or whatever to confirm that it's my account, and 4 suggestions for a new name. I replied with that info and I asked the question again. When they replied they completely ignored my question and asked for my info AGAIN. The next reply I got was almost identical to the previous one - ignored the question and asked for my info AGAIN AGAIN
I didn't ask the question this time because I knew it would be no use - I get the feeling that when AJ replies to emails they look for keywords and give automated responses based on those keywords. This time they replied telling me none of my name suggestions were "acceptable" because they were either too short or had caps in the name. I don't see why I can't have caps in my name again since the old name (that I still don't believe broke any rules) was changed
Not to mention they spelled "than" wrong lol
I gave them my "fixed" name suggestions and tried the question again (and talked about the caps thing)
I also added "I hope what I said above was actually read"
And guess what? It wasn't. They completely ignored my questions once again
All they told me was the name change was successful. They said something like "if I have any further question we'd love to hear from you again"

I figured that if my email ONLY has the question, they will for sure actually read it! Well, nope! Instead I got another "the name was found to be inappropriate"
Seriously!? We already established that I know they found it "inappropriate" 
I asked why it was found to be inappropriate and which rules the name broke! Is it really going to take me like 6 times for them to actually read the 12 words I wrote?
Turns out the 6th time's the charm. They gave me an actual answer this time. I don't agree completely agree with what they said, but still, at least they finally decided to pay attention to my words. They claimed the username is "misleading because it is against the rules to purchase in game items with actual money"
Alright, I understand that. But I highly doubt any player who has seen my username thought "hey I bet this girl wants to buy my overrated spikey garbage for real money!"
Never once have I asked to buy something from someone (I'm crazy but not THAT crazy) and I've never gotten any offers whatsoever. As I said in the beginning, I chose that name because I bought clearance items from Jam Mart Clothing as they would become rare soon. It's also worth mentioning that they let me keep another one of my accounts' name, IBuyRares2. I guess it's not inappropriate if you put a 2 at the end. I replied with something cheesy like "thanks for finally letting me know"
Their final reply was "Thank you so much for your kind words!"
That's cute, but I never "gave them kind words", I just sarcastically thanked them for finally letting me know what was wrong with the name after asking SIX TIMES (or 5 or something i don't know)
So yeah, another case of being ignored

Alright, that part is finally done with. A day after the recent update when I tried to log in, it said there was no account matching that name. When I saw that I was hoping maybe they decided to give me my old name back. I tried logging in as IBuyRares. Nope, still says that account doesn't exist. I tried logging in as Jammer204v 3n57v3528vn4v25vn23vnnv and that didn't work either. I figured AJ changed my name AGAIN to Jammer with some other combination of random ugly letters and numbers. I checked my dashboard to see what ugly name they replaced my new name with. Unfortunately they didn't change it again, instead they made the account completely unusable. Nothing happens if I click on the name in the dashboard, but clicking on all the other names works like it should. I payed for the membership on the account and now my membership timer is ticking and I can't even play! Waste of money if you ask me... I decided to email them yet again about this. I know they were going to give me the typical "just empty your cache or something idk" message so I specifically said I know that won't fix it. It said "please allow up to 72 hours for a response"
Well guess what, it's been more than 72 hours and I haven't gotten a response! It could be that the time on my mailbox was incorrect and that I have a terrible sense of time, but I don't think that's the case... at least not this time. So I'm basically screwed here. I'm paying for membership that I can't even use and have to deal with what is possibly the worst support system ever. Nice

Now before anyone tells me "but muloeayetatta487!!!! ajq is super busy and cant reply right away ivhs9 gdoig they try their best!!!! fhvtwhw8tg 0oetheohgebpe"
Yes, I know that. But that's not an excuse to completely ignore everything I said 6 times in a row. They shouldn't tell me to "allow up to 72 hours" if they aren't going to reply within 72 hours. I better get compensation for this

Now back to the first thing I said in this post, "I couldn't come back if I wanted to"
I say that because Meloetta385's membership ran out, and based on what just happened I don't think I'll ever be buying membership again (it's not the first time this has happened either)
So even though I payed for membership, I don't have an account with membership anymore. I think the main reason people checked this site every day was to see the new item, and I can't make gifs of new items without membership
Not that I was updating the item thing anyway lol

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I didn't make it clear in my last post but I'm not quitting, just taking a break from this game. A probably very long break. It's just that post isn't fun for me anymore and neither is checking for new items. I will return eventually (and yes I will make the comparison post violet, just when I'm more willing to post)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

AJF Second Ending

You may have noticed that I haven't updated the daily item thing in a few days (since that's the main reason people still come to this blog lol)
Well, I think it's time to tell you that I'm finally done with AJ... again
I'm just not interested in playing anymore, plus I don't have all that much time to play. One day I will inevitably return (since when AJ people quit, they always come back eventually)
The 6 people who still read this blog might be wondering how to contact me. The answer is simple - you can't
Just kidding of course, I'm leaving comments open so you can still comment. I might not reply as often as I used to but I'll still read them. And hey, if something interesting happens like a new glitched item gets discovered or something, comment about it and maybe I'll make a post on it... maybe

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dried Leavies City + The Next Rare (EDITED)

While checking the new item today I noticed the town is now orangey and red! I love when the town is like this but no one asked for my opinion

In other news, goofysealaj told me there was another accidentally released rare in Jam Mart Clothing. It's funny because in my last post I talked about how AJ accidentally released rares early. ONCE AGAIN it's in Jam Mart Clothing and is mainly purple

I had a picture of what it looked like in stores but for some reason it got deleted. It's not there anymore but it will be back tomorrow

EDIT: The next rare is here and surprisingly it isn't the dragon hat

I wonder if the dragon hat will be like the other special items in that it isn't available in adventures. That probably isn't the case but it would be pretty cool if it was. I bet a lot of people missed when they were for sale so they'd be pretty rare

Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Items + Name Changes

As like 20 people told me, the halloween items that got released in yesterday's update have been removed from shops. No one mentioned this but the marigold plants got removed as well. Remember how AJ used to accidentally release the next week's Rare Monday item every update? This is probably the same glitch - the accidentally released items from the next update. On the bright side now we know some of the items in the next update :P

Also I'm not sure when this happened or if anyone noticed but some more items had name changes. The newest statues in the birthday party were originally had unoriginal names like "Bronze Llama Statue" but now they gave all the new alphas/shamans actual names

Thursday, September 17, 2015

AJ Update September 17 2015: Pre-Halloween Trading Update

What kind of words do I usually put at the top of these update posts again? I don't know let's just get to the new Jamaa Journal

Page 1

One of the losing pets from that "contest" months ago is finally released! Of course it's in the diamond shop for the same price as every new pet ever (except for bees which was amazing because not only was it a nonmember pet, it wasn't in the diamond shop that 99% of players hate!)

 At least they made their pallet actually look slightly neat

Page 2

For some reason they brought back Wind Armor to the diamond shop and there's finally a minibook for lynxes! I forgot to take a picture of that and I'm not logging back into that lagfest so maybe someone in the comments will upload a picture lol

Here's the wind armor set though

Page 3
 Here's something that's been needed since trading came out - you can now trade up to 20 items in one trade! I' still waiting for when we can trade 4 items for another 4 items in one trade but knowing AJHQ it will take them 4 years to implement that

There's now an item count when you try to trade for something

If you add more than 4 items a scroll bar appears

I don't have a picture of what it looks like when you get a trade request with 20 items so hopefully someone will upload a picture of tat in the comments too lol

Page 4

Rhinos are on sale for 500 gems... but if they really wanted to celebrate they should've made rhinos a nonmember animal, at least for limited time

Page 5

The next victim of "leaving the diamond shop for no reason at all" are kangaroos! Yay? I still don't see the point of making animals "travel" as they call it. I'm pretty sure it's to get a forgotten animal more love but that "more love" only lasts a day and then they get forgotten again. I'm not even kidding
Also an announcement that HALLOWEEN IS SOON so yes

Page 6

 At least it's not an ad but I don't think this belongs here. It's basically a "how not to get scammed" tip even though no one even tries to scam like that anymore. It's like how they kept warning everyone "never trade through Jam a Grams" when that was the one "method" people forgot about and never tried anymore lol
I guess it's good to have a warning but did it really need its own page? They could've put this on the trading page or at least on the page after it

That's it for the Jamaa Journal! Here are the new items. Most of them are returning and HALLOWEEN FLAVOURED but there are more items than updates usually bring these days

In Jam Mart Clothing...

In Jam Mart Furniture...

In Bahari Bargains...

In The Hot Cocoa Hut...

In Treetop Gardens...
New Marigold plants! Don't these usually come out ont he first day of each month though? Last I checked, the 17th is not the 1st day of the month

There's a new default message in Jam a Grams

If for some reason you didn't read it in the above picture, it says "Hi!"

Expect a lot of Jam a Grams that say hi instead of "animal jam rockzsqa~@zrfg"

I give this update a... 4.7 / 10

I'm only giving it a rating that high because of that trading update

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Discussion 2 - Jamaalidays

The Jamaaliday items aren't my favourite but I love when the town is all snowy. The music is nice too

I don't know what else to put in this post lol