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Sunday, April 26, 2015

How do I make cool titles again?

EDIT: I forgot to mention there will be no new Breadstick posts for a while

I finished some of the edit requests, so if you want to see those, go to that page I made yesterday
I'll post my favorite one so far here

It's a black turquoise ring!
I closed the requests for now and I'll reopen them when I finished with most of the other ones . That, or I'll get overwhelmed, delete the page, and pretend like I never made it. Hey, I did that with the Q & A page I made :)


Remember that Top Hat obsession I said I had? I was so crazy about top hats that I traded for one of each colour and made it into a banner for the top of the blog in 2012

This was when top hats were actually rare (especially brown and dark blue, there were only like 15 of each)
Yeah, crazy... I doubt anyone wants to know how I got all of the top hats lol

I wonder what it would look like now if I used it as a banner... hey, let's find out!

The answer? Terrible, of course!

It was probably made for an older layout I used in 2012 where it would actually look not terrible
Nah, it would look terrible in any layout ♥︎

Because all this blog has been in the past week is just posts with random pictures, here is another one for you

That was some glitch that used to happen when you opened a shop after a new item came out... I think
Sadly it didn't let anyone keep the 99 million gems :(

Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Page + SmartFox again

So I made a new page which you can get to by clicking on the picture of the turquoise glove on the left sidebar or in this post

The page shows off some of my not so good AJ edits. All of them have been posted here before but the real purpose of the page is for people to submit requests. Let's say you want to see a picture of a pink Phantom Hat. Just leave a comment saying that on the page and I'll make it... maybe
I might actually just delete the page later lol


There's finally some actual news in AJ! It probably doesn't count as news to most people but it's the closest thing to news we've gotten in the past few days
You remember SmartFox right? The monkey with the mysterious name?

Apparently Smart Fox is a company that has something to do with AJ's servers. If that's the case AJHQ probably gave them special privileges... but not free membership for some reason
Someone anonymous said they searched SmartFox and they just show up as a wolf with a not unusual name

If this really was some special account owned by that company, why did AJHQ "fix" the animal name? But if they hacked, why did AJHQ just fix the name and not ban them? The mystery that I'm looking into way too deeply continues!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Question + more pictures

The real point of this post is to ask anyone who feels like answering a question. If I just made a post with a question and put nothing else in it it would obviously be way too short of a post. To fix that I shoved more random images into this post

Here's the question:

You see a new player (or someone who doesn't know anything about rare items) with an extremely rare item. Would you try to trade them something very cheap/common for the item knowing they'd get ripped off?

I don't know how a new player would even get an extremely rare item (like a milky tiara) in the first place, but that's not the point. I'm just curious to see what people would do. Would you try to rip them off or tell them it's really rare and they shouldn't trade it?

Anyway, here are the random images I promised

I don't remember the story behind this one but it's pretty weird

There is some kind of poster that looks like the icon for one of AJ's den musics in someone's den
I don't know why the picture has "Gagg" or "Gag9" written over it but I'm guessing it has to do with who sent the picture in
It could just be an edit, but it's a pretty good edit if it is

This is how Jamaaliday Bows looked when they were first made to have 3D item icons

IIRC Jamaaliday Bows were some of the last items to get 3D makeovers. For whatever reason the bows didn't stay like this for long

Someone sent in a picture of a "glitch" hoping to get their picture featured on this blog a few years ago

What they really did was opened MS Paint, put black circles/boxes around random things, then sent it in trying to get me to believe it was some kind of bizarre glitch. You can clearly see the Paint icon on the bottom lol
If you look closely you can even see they accidentally drew over part of the paw on their nametag to they "fixed" it with more paint

I got a good laugh out of it at least lol

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Jamaaliday Jam

These are some pictures of a party I went to at a Jamaaliday Jam in 2011. I don't remember what the occasion was but some of the well known people were there. Most/all of those people aren't that known at all anymore though :(

You can click on any of these to make them bigger

There was something about a colour war and pink was winning

Yeah, I don't know either. And what's with my horrible outfit? Only my 2011 self can answer that

This party happens to be the same party where I got the picture of the glitchy green viking helmet
Here was the full picture

People were talking about toilets for some reason. I don't know why I am saying "I have at least 10" in the picture but I wasn't talking about toilets

Not sure what's going on here but I noticed something about the parties menu

The party times are really spaced out! Nowadays there's always a new party every 30 minutes
In the above picture there's a bunny saying "ok dark let me start lol"
I think that's what started the "let's try on each other's rare stuff" thing

DarkBraken is who they were referring to. I'm not sure but it might've been DarkBraken's party in the first place

Darkey trusted me enough to let me try on her dark blue top hat which was one of the rarest items in the game. Remember, this was 2011

If I posted this back then I would've gotten called a bragger but I think I'm safe now because top hats aren't even rare anymore

I was so top hat obsessed lol

I took lots of pictures of me wearing said top hat because that's what nerds do when they get a s00p3r r4r3 item

Of course I sent it back right after because I'm not rotten scammer lol
I don't recommend letting people try on your items though. You know, because the person might just run off with your item
Although certain events happened like a month or some other time unit after that party that made me regret sending it back... No, not because I wanted to be a rare showoffy person who scams. Let's just say me and a lot of her friends lost trust in her there's a whole lot more to the story tho
But that's a story for another day, if I ever decide to post it. I think she wants what happened to be forgotten

That party was the origin of this picture I made

And yes, it was meant to be a terrible edit. I used the picture of the top hat being sent to me and pasted it on a picture of a Flag in stores. Why? I honestly have no idea. Sometimes I just make terrible edits just to laugh at them. I might be the only one who finds terrible edits to be funny though : (

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Star Fox

Mihai Puscasu (hey I got your name right this time) told me about another mysterious Jammer, SmartFox
Take a look at their animal name

Yeah I'm pretty sure you can't get the name Smart Fox Support for your animal through normal gameplay. The only names you can get for that aren't 3 words with 2 of those words morphed together are Arctic Wolf, King of the Jungle, Snow Leopard, and Spring Bunny
So what's the deal here? It's hard to say

This next part of the post is me pretending like I know what I'm talking about and acting like some detective even though I'm pointing out the obvious lol

We've seen a name hacker before in 2011. He changed one of his animal names to uh... something bad. You get a warning if you say his username in the AJ chat which I find funny for some reason. If you must know, his name was lolkingCentury1
Don't look him up unless you don't mind r00d language

SmartFox might be like lolking (but with nicer words lol) but the thing I don't get is why they'd change their monkey's name to what they did. If you could change your animal's name to anything possible, why Smart Fox Support? I guess you could ask the same thing about what lolking changed his tiger's name to though

Another possibility is this is an AJHQ account. However none of the AJHQ accounts ever spotted had custom animal names. If I remember correctly, all of them also had membership. That's one reason why I didn't think 1231 was an AJHQ account

The third possibility is their account glitched like 1231's supposedly did and they got to change their animal name to what they wanted it to. But that brings me back to the question of "why Smart Fox Support?"
I think it's the word Support that's getting me here. I can understand why they'd change their name to Smart Fox, but why add Support to the end? It must have some meaning!

The conclusion? I have no idea

Well I just wasted some minutes typing that up (but you can say that about all my other posts)

This post is lacking a completely unrelated topic so I'll add that in
I was looking at AJ's old Jamaa Journals and found this
(Click to biggify)

Notice anything unusual? Dancing Wingedpaw's tie is going through is stomach! That's not what I wanted to talk about though. Swimming Chillysomething is wearing that mysterious and unreleased dark red Jamaaliday Bow

I thought it was last seen late 2010 - early 2011 but this newspaper came out in 2012! I wonder if it and the dark green one will ever get released

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weird and Random Aj Images 29

Yes, another one of these posts :)

I cropped a picture of a red top hat because I used to be obsessed with top hats

It looks terrible if it's not on a white background lol
Maybe I'll make more of those for popular items or something, but next time I'll actually remove all the unwanted pixels

I think the point of me taking this picture was because of the tiger heart/clover cape glitch. I'm not even sure if that was/is a glitch or not. Still, it's weird how the side of the capes stick up like that

This used to be on AJ's membership page

They mixed up the text under the two pictures. The words under the left picture should be on the right and vice versa. Don't ask how I noticed that, I couldn't tell you

I don't remember the story behind this trade or why I have a picture of this trade. You can tell it's old because it uses the old trading window and old item icons

I'm only showing this because that's the kind of trade people freak out over these days. Even though the horns are way more rare than any spiked wristband/collar. Remember kids, rare ≠ popularity

And finally, a picture of the old icon for the green Skull Helmet that I thought I didn't have

For the other old item icons I posted, go >>here<<
I feel like a lot of people missed that post because the llama thing was posted like 15 minutes after I posted it. Then again it wasn't that interesting lol

Monday, April 20, 2015

Glitch pictures from the past

I found a new batch of old AJ pictures on my old computer again so I sorted them and am posting some of the ones that show glitches

All of these are from late 2011 to early 2012

The first one goes with >>this post<<
When horses were introduced, Welcome Mats were glitched. You can read about that post I linked to if you want to know more
When I bought this welcome mat it was green

The horse belongs to this blog's other author if anyone's wondering Yes, I have another author but they haven't posted since 2012

Wearing a Jolly Elf Hat on a wolf (and some other animals) would mix around the colours a bit. Here's a picture of the well known sizzlerat wearing an elf hat

The ears of the hat are supposed to be tanish yellow and the bottom of that hat is supposed to be pink if I remember correctly. This little glitch used to be pretty well known. I'm not sure if it still works

Wearing a Viking Helmet on a tiger while sitting would also mix up the colours
Here is what it looked like when wearing a green viking helmet

That picture was especially cool at the time because there were only about 5 or 6 green viking helmets in the game. I might've been the only one who cared enough to find someone with a green viking helmet and get them to sit as a tiger to take a picture lol
That picture was taken at a huge party at a Jamaaliday Jam. My old friend Darkbraken was there along with a bunch of other people who were famous at the time or something
I miss you, Darkbraken : (

Speaking of viking helmets, I got sent one with no name

I don't remember who sent that but I'm pretty sure it was mine to begin with and a friend was borrowing it. Yes I know that has nothing to do with the picture

When Barrel Sponges came back to Bahari Bargains mid 2012 it wasn't positioned correctly

Here's what it looked like when you clicked on it in the shop

That's all for now
I'm tempted to edit a picture of someone wearing a viking helmet and make it look like that glitched green one
It's so cool looking I wish it actually existed outside of temporary glitch land